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North Platte fund supports endorsed new entertainment spot.

New Entertainment Destination Gains Endorsement from North Platte Quality Growth Fund Committee

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) – A new entertainment destination was unanimously approved on Wednesday by the North Platte Quality Growth Fund Committee.

Axes & Aces: More Than Just Axe Throwing

Axes & Aces, a venture initiated by North Platte resident Lisa Citta and Brian Schimek, aims to provide an array of recreational activities. Alongside the exciting sport of axe throwing, the establishment will offer indoor pickleball courts, golf simulators, and a delectable spread of food and beverages.

The concept for this business was sparked during a trip to Kansas City. Citta recounted, “This all kind of began after I had gone on a couple trips with some family members down to Kansas City. My 18-year-old nephew and my 14-year-old niece, we were looking for something to do in Kansas City that the whole family could do. My nephew, my niece, my mom, and I, we all went axe throwing and after the second time we had gone, everyone had a really good time. I told my mom, I think this is something we can do in North Platte. This is something we don’t currently have.”

A Fusion of Experience

Citta and Schimek bring a wealth of experience to their new venture. Citta, in addition to her background in law enforcement, has owned and operated Snow Ball Express for several years. Schimek, on the other hand, boasts decades of experience in the food industry, having worked with Sysco.

“Brian, being in the food and beverage industry, said we need to have food, we need to have beverages,” Citta explained. “So, we started looking at several different locations in town. We thought about trying to build, but constructing a new building was looking incredibly expensive. We kind of fell in love with this property out by the lake, and with the need for indoor pickleball courts, we saw an opportunity to incorporate that as well.”

Location and Expectations

Axes and Aces will be situated at 675 East North Lake Road in North Platte. The aim is to open the doors to the public in the upcoming fall. However, the project will be further discussed at the North Platte City Council meeting on August 15.

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