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DON'T NOD reveals Koira, a charming hand-drawn adventure.

DON’T NOD reveals Koira, a charming hand-drawn adventure.

Game Coming to Steam in 2025

Paris, August 17, 2023 – DON’T NOD, the French independent video games developer and publisher, is excited to announce the upcoming release of Koira. Developed by Belgian video games company, Studio TOLIMA, Koira will be the second third-party game published by DON’T NOD.

Watch the reveal trailer of Koira here:

Scheduled for release on Steam in 2025, Koira is a captivating hand-drawn adventure game that revolves around a forest spirit and her new puppy companion. Together, they embark on whimsical and magical journeys filled with music and wonder. As the story unfolds, the forest spirit and her puppy friend must rely on their unique abilities to protect each other from lurking danger and overcome challenges, providing players with an emotional and unforgettable experience.

This enchanting tale is brought to life through carefully crafted 2D hand-drawn art and animation, immersing players in the vibrant world of Koira. Adding to the game’s charm is a beautiful original score that complements the poetic narrative.

Oskar Guilbert, CEO of DON’T NOD, expresses his enthusiasm for working with Studio TOLIMA on Koira, stating, “We’re proud to support and collaborate with Studio TOLIMA on this 2D, hand-drawn project that perfectly aligns with DON’T NOD’s portfolio. We can’t wait to share more details in the future.”

Ben Lega, Studio Head and Game Director at Studio TOLIMA, shares his excitement about Koira, stating, “We are thrilled to officially announce Koira and our collaboration with DON’T NOD. Koira is an evocative experience that explores the theme of friendship through the lens of a little puppy. With expressive hand-drawn graphics and a poignant original soundtrack, our game serves as a love letter to the medium. Stay tuned for more details.”

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DON’T NOD is an independent French publisher and developer, headquartered in Paris and Montreal. The company specializes in creating original narrative games across adventure, RPG, and action genres. With titles such as LIFE is STRANGETM, TELL ME WHYTM, TWIN MIRRORTM, and VAMPYRTM, DON’T NOD has gained international recognition for its engaging stories, unique characters, and collaborations with leading publishers in the industry.

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DON’T NOD (ISIN code: FR0013331212 – ALDNE) is listed on Euronext Growth Paris

About Studio TOLIMA

Studio TOLIMA is an independent developer based in Brussels, Belgium. Founded in 2022, the studio specializes in producing minimalistic and emotionally resonant experiences.


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