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YG trainee's daily routine: training, dieting, strict regime.

YG trainee’s daily routine: training, dieting, strict regime.

MMTG – Civilization Express: Jaejae’s Journey as a Trainee at YG Entertainment

On this week’s episode of ‘MMTG – Civilization Express’, viewers were given an inside look at Jaejae’s experience as a trainee at YG Entertainment, where she had the opportunity to interact with her sunbae artists known as TREASURE.

Advice from TREASURE: Navigating the Trainee Life

TREASURE, being experienced trainees themselves, offered valuable advice to Jaejae on how to behave in front of staff and sunbae artists. They also shared insights into a typical day in the life of a YG trainee.

A Visit to the Rookie Training Team Office

As part of her journey, Jaejae visited YGE’s ‘Rookie Training Team’ office. Here, she had to adhere to the rule of surrendering her phone, which is applicable to all trainees.

The Daily Routine of a YG Trainee

During her stay at the practice room, Jaejae engaged in a conversation with TREASURE about their personal experiences as trainees. Jaehyuk explained that their day started with a workout at 9 AM, followed by foreign language lessons, vocal practice, dance practice, and team practice. The grueling day of practice usually ended around 10-11 PM, with many trainees opting for additional private practice sessions afterwards.

The “No Dating” Rule

Jaejae was taken aback when she learned about one of the strict rules that trainees are expected to follow – “No dating.” Expressing her thoughts on this, she remarked, “I can’t imagine my life without love.”

Benefits of Being a YG Trainee: No Trainee Debt

TREASURE members pointed out one of the major advantages of becoming a trainee at YG – “No trainee debt.” They explained that YG trainees do not have to bear the financial burden of their training period. The company covers all expenses, viewing it as an investment in their trainees.

Exploring YG Entertainment’s Culinary Delights

Later on, Jaejae embarked on a culinary adventure with TREASURE members Hyunsuk and Junghwan, visiting a famous Vietnamese pho restaurant frequented by YG Entertainment artists. While enjoying their meal, the idols reminisced about the strict diet they had to follow as trainees. They revealed that boxed meals were delivered to the trainees, who had to report each meal to the staff by taking a photo of the boxed lunch and sending it with a message stating their intention to eat. However, they also confessed to occasionally sneaking out to convenience stores and later staging the empty lunch box photo to give the impression they had followed the diet plan.


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