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Annual Education Recognition Ceremony held in Region 9.

Annual Education Recognition Ceremony held in Region 9.

Two Teachers Named Region 9 Teacher of the Year

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) – Two different teachers from Bowie ISD and Newcastle ISD have been honored with the Region 9 Teacher of the Year Award.

Dedication to Students

Addie Enlow, who teaches at Bowie ISD, is one of the recipients of the award. In an interview, she expressed her commitment to loving and supporting her students. She believes that being true to herself is what led her to receive this recognition.

Enlow stated, “I think it’s something that celebrates my students, the people I teach that are awesome, it takes a team. It’s just going to continue doing what I love – loving on kids and building relationships.”

Going Beyond the Classroom

The second recipient of the award is Courtney Bozeman, a teacher at Newcastle ISD. Bozeman believes that being there for her students is not limited to the classroom. She aims to support them throughout their lives.

Bozeman expressed, “For me, even after leaving Newcastle, I will always be here for them. Anything they need, I am always available. Being with the kids every day, witnessing their growth, and watching their confidence soar, that’s the ultimate reward.”

A Step Closer to Texas Teacher of the Year

Both Bozeman and Enlow’s names will be submitted to the Texas Association of School Administration for consideration in the 2024 Texas Teacher of the Year Program.

Appreciating Teachers

Pat Page, Field Service Specialist of Region 9, emphasized the importance of recognizing and appreciating teachers for their invaluable contributions to education. Page stated, “If we can set the model for making sure that teachers know that they’re appreciated and making sure that they know their worth for our campuses, our district, and most importantly, our students.”

Teaching Beyond Academics

Enlow shared her approach to teaching, highlighting the significance of building meaningful relationships with students. She stated, “Building relationships with my students is one of the main reasons that I teach. I want to teach and help them not just academically but also to become good moral individuals.”


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