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Balletcore revives ballet's fashion allure on TikTok.

Balletcore revives ballet’s fashion allure on TikTok.

The Rise of Balletcore: Aesthetic Inspired by Ballet Fashion

If you paid close attention to the trending styles from 2022, then you are probably aware of the balletcore aesthetic.

What is Balletcore?

Balletcore is a niche term for the variations of ballerina-inspired clothing. Think flats, ruffles, or satin slip skirts, just to name a few. Your typical outfit could come with leg warmers, ballet flats, light-colored pantyhose, tulle skirts, or a bodysuit. Color does not matter, but the staple can range from baby pink to beige or white.

The Reclamation of Ballet for a New Generation

“With the balletcore hashtag trending on TikTok and Gen Z showing how they reinterpret the aesthetic while American Ballet Theater stars make their mark on the platform, it feels like ballet is reclaiming itself for a new generation,” Kristen Bateman wrote in an article for W Magazine.

Why People Love Balletcore

People love balletcore because it is comfortable and gives them a more subtle feminine vibe.

A Historical Influence: The Romantic Ballet Era

Of course, this style did not come out of nowhere. The earliest ballet wear was influenced by The Romantic Ballet era in the 1830s, which marked the staple ballet tutu. This era also led Marie Tagloni to be the first dancer to wear the pointe shoe.

Ballet-inspired Fashion Designers

In the 20th century, Ballet inspired fashion designers from Coco Chanel to Paul Poiret created fresh ballerina-esque pieces, like tulle evening gowns. The dancewear company Capezio then collaborated with designer Claire McCardell to design ballet flats for casual wear.

The Resurgence of Leg Warmers

Leg warmers made their debut in the 1980s as a known piece for dancewear and athleisure in general. They reemerged in the 2000s, and many of us remember owning that one pair of leg warmers from Justice as a kid.

Balletcore and the Expression of Femininity

Nowadays, we have seen the history of ballet fashion influence how people express their femininity. Some even say Balletcore comes close to the cottage core aesthetic.

Celebrity Endorsement of Balletcore

Celebrities have also taken their turn with this style. Supermodel Bella Hadid was spotted wearing white leg warmers and blue ballet shoes, and actress Jennifer Lawrence is often seen with ballet flats on her walks through New York City.

Exploring Balletcore: Trying Something Different

Balletcore is a fun way for people interested in soft-feminine fashion to try something different. Nothing beats living a ballerina dream.


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