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Pet pictures on jackets and bags trending!

Pet pictures on jackets and bags trending!

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In the age of social media, what can hold back pets lovers from flaunting their love? Hence, the demand for personalised dog pictures on jackets and bags has skyrocketed, as people seek new ways to showcase their furry companions in a unique and fashionable way. Recently, actor Aarya Babbar posted a picture of him flaunting a custom-made denim jacket adorned with an intricate portrait of his beloved shih tzu, Happy Babbar.

Actor Aarya Babbar shows love for his pooch, Happy, with this customised jacket. (Photo: Instagram/aaryababbar222)
Actor Aarya Babbar thanked My Artsy Custom for its artistic perfection, in his Instagram post.

From poodles to retrievers to dachshunds, no matter what genre is your pet, the customisation options are aplenty. Take for instance Hiya Sharma, a Delhi-based pet owner who works for animal care, and has recently got a picture of her labrador, Max painted on her pre-owned denim jacket. Each time she wears it now, she feels the excitement, and shares: “My dog, Max, means the world to me! Being able to wear a jacket with his portrait on it not only makes me feel closer to him but also gives me a sense of pride. I have received so many compliments for this piece of clothing that it has now almost become like a conversation starter wherever I go.”

Customers are also getting their pre-owned jackets upcycled with portraits of their pets.

“The appeal of these customised designs lies not only in their visuals but also in the emotional connection they create,” shares Tithi Singh, owner, My Artsy Custom — an online store that customises jackets and bags, adding, “For many pet owners, their dogs are cherished members of the family, and being able to wear their images on clothing or carry them on bags provides a tangible way to express their love and affection.”

A bespoke bag, by My Artsy Custom, which features snaps of pets.

Various artists and designers are also capitalising on this growing trend, to offer the pet owners a chance to get their personalised jackets with pet portraits. “In a week, we are receiving seven to eight orders with pictures of cute doggos to be painted on the jackets,” says Malvica Saxena, owner, The Quirky Naari — a fashion and lifestyle startup, adding, “I have been customising apparels since 2018, and pictures of couples or quirky messages were in huge demand. But more recently, I spotted this growing trend among pet parents and lovers to wear their love for their pets on their clothing. That’s when I decided to experiment in this genre.”

A pawsome jacket by The Quirky Naari.

In fact, this trend had been “lying dormant” since quite a while, feels Alisha Bhasin, founder of Al Artz by Alisha — an online store of custom clothing and footwear. Bhasin shares, “The trend has penetrated the Indian market due to some influence from the West, where people love to have their clothing and footwear customised according to whatever they love. And this is only going to grow in among the pet parents in India specially those between the age bracket of 16 to 35 years. This is evident from the fact that we are receiving 10 to 15 orders, from this age group, in a week!”

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