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Shortage of ambulance drivers delays hospital travel time.

Shortage of ambulance drivers delays hospital travel time.

Volusia County Firefighters Concerned About Ambulance Staffing and Emergency Response Times

Volusia County firefighters are alarmed by the increasing wait times for hospital transfers during emergencies. The county’s professional firefighters association has cited ambulance staffing as the primary reason behind the issue. In an effort to rectify the problem, firefighters are urging the county to take immediate action.

Urgent Need for Solution as Ambulance Wait Times Exceed 30 Minutes

The firefighters association claims that this has been a persistent problem for several years, but the situation has recently worsened. Despite their attempts to collaborate with the county on finding solutions, patients are still waiting for over 30 minutes to receive ambulance services. Jeremy Karaginis, president of the Volusia County Professional Firefighters Association, emphasizes the criticality of prompt medical attention, especially in scenarios such as beachside drowning incidents.

Insufficient Ambulance Staffing Amidst High Demand

Karaginis highlights the shortage of staffed ambulances operated by the county’s EMS system due to turnover, sick calls, and overworked employees. While firefighters can provide preliminary medical treatment at the scene, lifesaving care can only be administered at hospitals, underscoring the urgency to address this staffing issue.

Need for Exploration of Alternative Ambulance Staffing Systems

After experiencing this challenge for years, Karaginis urges Volusia County to consider implementing a system used in neighboring counties, where dual certified firefighters staff ambulances instead of paramedics in a separate EMS system. This alternative system has proven successful and can potentially alleviate the current shortage of ambulance personnel in Volusia County.

Call for Immediate Action to Improve Emergency Medical Services

The situation demands urgent attention from the county to ensure that residents and visitors receive timely and efficient medical assistance during emergencies. Prompt intervention is crucial to prevent any potential harmful consequences resulting from delayed ambulance services.

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