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CT's top state park, per Travel + Leisure.

CT’s top state park, per Travel + Leisure.

State Parks Across the Country

The Travel + Leisure article highlights the 50 state parks around the country, with each state having its own unique park. Silver Sands State Park in Connecticut is one of these state parks, alongside well-known parks like Niagra Falls State Park in New York, Mount Greylock State Reservation in Massachusetts, and Colt State Park in Rhode Island.

Connecticut, in particular, has a total of 142 state parks and forests, as stated by

About Silver Sands State Park

Silver Sands State Park, according to, is an expansive area consisting of dunes, beach, and woodlands. Visitors can enjoy leisurely strolls on the boardwalk, with the opportunity to explore the marshland and shoreline. Additionally, during the period between May to November, visitors can walk across a sandbar to reach Charles Island, known for its impressive bird rookery. However, it’s worth noting that the sandbar may be closed during this time to protect nesting birds.

About the Author

Evie Carrick, the writer and editor for Travel + Leisure, authored the article. Carrick, who has a passion for outdoor adventure, has also written for prominent publications such as BuzzFeed and Outside Magazine, as stated on her website –

Underrated State Parks

“National parks get all the attention, but some of the country’s most beautiful landscapes are found in lesser-known (and therefore less busy) state parks,” mentions the article. The country is brimming with hidden gems, including the mesmerizing caves in Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio and the otherworldly hoodoos in Utah’s Goblin Valley State Park.

Other Notable Mentions

In addition to Silver Sands State Park, other Connecticut destinations have gained recognition. For instance, New London’s Ocean Beach Park was featured on Travel + Leisure’s “25 Best Beaches in the USA” list for two consecutive years. Yale University has also been named one of the “most beautiful” places to visit on the East Coast by the magazine.


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