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Understanding Air Travel Laws: Know Your Rights

Understanding Air Travel Laws: Know Your Rights

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On Living808’s July “What’s the Law” segment, attorney and host Coralie Chun Matayoshi demystifies airline passenger rights and travel insurance for the benefit of all air travelers. With summer in full swing, understanding these legal landscapes is essential, whether you’re planning a local jaunt or an international voyage.

Ever wondered what to do when an airline cancels your flight? Coralie explains that according to the U.S. Department of Transportation, passengers are entitled to a full refund, inclusive of bag fees and extra seat costs if they decide not to travel. This applies regardless of whether the ticket was non-refundable.

Overbooking is an unfortunate reality in the industry. To avoid being bumped off your flight, Matayoshi advises checking in on time and being mindful of your frequent flyer status and ticket price, which could all influence the airline’s decision.

With the ever-increasing frequency of lengthy tarmac delays, knowing your rights is critical. Coralie emphasizes that at U.S. airports, airlines must allow passengers to deplane after 3 hours for domestic and 4 hours for international travel.

Traveling with family? Don’t assume airlines will seat you together. Coralie urges families to book flights as early as possible and choose their seats simultaneously to ensure they stay together.

Understanding travel insurance is another critical aspect of travel planning. “Travel insurance is for the unexpected – like if you have to cancel your travel plans or get sick or injured during your trip,” says Matayoshi. She advises travelers to check existing policies before purchasing additional coverage.

Matayoshi also highlights upcoming “What’s the Law” segments, where she will delve into issues such as making complaints against unlicensed contractors, the implications of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on affirmative action, and guidance for aspiring lawyers.

For an in-depth understanding of these legal complexities, tune in to Living808’s monthly segment “What’s the Law” hosted by Coralie Chun Matayoshi, and visit

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