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Chelsea Handler falsely defends child-free lifestyle.

Chelsea Handler falsely defends child-free lifestyle.

American Comedian Chelsea Handler Defends “Child-Free” Lifestyle

American comedian Chelsea Handler recently posted a video in which she defends her decision to not have children. She criticized a claim made by a “happiness expert” who misinterpreted data from the American Time Use Survey, suggesting that single women without children are happier than married mothers. However, the data actually shows that married mothers are happier. Handler’s attempt to defend the childless life was unsuccessful.

Handler’s Response to Criticism

Handler responded to a YouTube video of conservative television host Jedediah Bila criticizing her promotion of sexual promiscuity and excessive alcohol consumption. In her video, Handler sits in her “hyperbaric chamber,” opens a bottle of champagne, and boasts about the money she spends on beauty and drugs instead of children.

Erroneous Data Interpretation

Handler referenced psychology professor Paul Dolan’s misinterpretation of the American Time Use Survey. Dolan claimed that single women without children are happier than married mothers. However, an economist who has worked with the survey clarified that “spouse absent” refers to spouses who no longer live in the household, not just spouses temporarily out of the room. Dolan admitted his error and clarified that married people are happier than other sub-groups.

Handler’s Unfounded Claims

Handler frequently makes tasteless jokes about the benefits of a child-free life and criticizes those who choose to become parents. She often brags about her disposable income due to not having children. However, data suggests that married mothers may have been better off during the COVID pandemic, and the majority of mothers reported satisfaction with their lives.

The Problem with Handler’s Routine

Handler’s routine is redundant, unfunny, and based on untrue claims. She uses comedy to boast about her wealth and spread lies about parenting. Her jokes lack relatability and truth, making her routine ineffective and exposing her as a bitter narcissist.


Handler’s defense of the childless life falls flat when confronted with the actual data. Her attempts to appeal to science have failed, and her routine is both sad and untruthful. Comedy requires a level of relatability and truth, which Handler’s routine lacks. Her material is more about flaunting her wealth and spreading falsehoods than providing genuine entertainment.


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