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Netizens disappointed with upcoming "SMTOWN" lineup announcement.

Netizens disappointed with upcoming “SMTOWN” lineup announcement.

While SMTOWN concerts organized by SM Entertainment usually generate excitement among global fans, the recent lineup announcement for the show in Jakarta has received a negative response. On July 26 (KST), SM Entertainment’s official Twitter page announced the lineup for their upcoming concert in September. However, netizens quickly noticed that several iconic SM artists were missing from the lineup.

Notably absent were popular acts like EXO, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, and soloists BoA and Kangta, while TVXQ! and Super Junior were included. This omission sparked disappointment and anger among fans, who expressed their shock on social media. The absence of EXO generated a particularly strong reaction, with fans trending the phrase “No EXO” on Twitter.

Furthermore, fans also criticized the lack of female idols in the lineup. With only nine female idols confirmed to perform, netizens questioned the absence of artists like BoA and Girls’ Generation. Additionally, fans expressed concerns about the scheduling conflict for aespa, as their world tour overlaps with the concert in Jakarta, leaving them little time for rehearsal and recovery from jet lag.

The exclusion of EXO and other popular acts has not only disappointed fans but also had a negative impact on SM Entertainment’s stock. On the day of the lineup announcement, the company’s stocks dropped by 6.41%. This decline is reminiscent of a previous incident when SM Entertainment lost nearly 200 billion KRW in a single day after EXO-CBX terminated their contract with the company.

Another surprising omission from the lineup was Taeyeon, a member of Girls’ Generation who is still signed to SM Entertainment. Fans speculated that her absence, along with her recent social media activities, might indicate her departure from the company.

Even the members of NCT did not escape fans’ concerns. Some netizens pointed out that Jaehyun, a member of NCT 127, would be missing a major fashion event in Milan to perform just two songs at the SMTOWN concert. Fans expressed their disappointment and hoped that SM Entertainment would prioritize their artists’ individual activities.

Overall, the lineup announcement for the SMTOWN concert in Jakarta has disappointed fans and sparked negative reactions. The absence of popular SM artists, scheduling conflicts, and potential conflicts within the company have all contributed to fans’ dissatisfaction. Despite the anticipation that typically accompanies SMTOWN concerts, SM Entertainment’s recent lineup announcement has not been well-received.


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