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Eco-conscious runways flaunt sustainable global fashion.

Eco-conscious runways flaunt sustainable global fashion.

Kiri Nathan Designs at New Zealand Fashion Week

The fashion industry has long been associated with excessive waste as it constantly churns out new, trendy garments. However, a shift is occurring within the industry as more designers embrace circular fashion and prioritize sustainability. This more intentional approach to fashion can be seen in the upcoming fashion showcases for the Spring/Summer 2024 season around the world. One of the notable shows is the New Zealand Fashion Week, where Kiri Nathan designs will take center stage.

Circular Fashion and Te Ao Māori

Circular fashion, rooted in ancient textile-making methods, focuses on using fewer natural resources and repurposing old materials to create new garments. As more designers join this movement, fashion showcases are adapting to highlight conscious and ethical fashion. In New Zealand, the organizers of the New Zealand Fashion Week, now known as Kahuria, are reimagining the runway to highlight circular fashion and Te Ao Māori, which represents the respect and acknowledgement of the country’s Indigenous people’s customs.

At this year’s event, Kiri Nathan, an environmentally conscious jewelry and garment designer, will be the first Māori designer in history to open the show. Her designs embody the intersection of sustainability and cultural heritage, showcasing the beauty of traditional Māori craftsmanship in contemporary ways. The show will take place at the Viaduct Events Centre on the waterfront of Auckland.

Emphasizing Sustainability and Local Designers

New Zealand Fashion Week is not just focused on circular fashion and Te Ao Māori. It also aims to lower emissions by featuring local designers who champion traditional craft methods. By showcasing local talent, the event highlights the unique artisanal techniques and materials from the region. This emphasis on sustainability and supporting local creators aligns with the global movement towards a more conscious and ethical fashion industry.


New Zealand Fashion Week’s focus on circular fashion, Te Ao Māori, and local designers demonstrates the industry’s shift towards a more intentional and sustainable fashionscape. By embracing ancient textile-making methods, repurposing materials, and championing traditional craft methods, Kiri Nathan and other designers contribute to building a fashion industry that is mindful of its environmental impact. The upcoming fashion showcases around the world, from Costa Rica to Brazil, similarly prioritize sustainability and feature designers who are driving positive change within the industry.


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