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In 2024, US citizens require this while traveling to Europe.

In 2024, US citizens require this while traveling to Europe.

New Travel Requirements for United States Citizens Traveling to Europe

If you are a United States citizen who loves to travel to Europe and are even thinking about going to the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, then you’re soon going to need more than just a passport.

The European Travel Information and Authorization System announced last week that starting in 2024, travelers who have previously come to the continent without a visa will need an additional authorization document that is linked to a passport in order to enter a European country.

The application form to receive the newly-required documentation can eventually be downloaded on the ETIAS website, but the online system to do so won’t go live until 2024.

When it is live, the cost to fill out an application will be $7.79 in U.S. dollars and should only take minutes, according to the ETIAS website.

However, in the exceptions where more documentation will be required on an application, the process could be extended to roughly 14 days.

According to the ETIAS website, travelers with valid authorization can enter European countries as often as they want for short-term stays, normally for up to 90 days in any 180-day period.

However, it doesn’t guarantee entry. A border guard upon arrival will request to see a passport and other documents to verify one meets entry conditions.

ETIAS travel authorization is valid for three years, according to the EU, or until the travel document used in an application expires, whichever comes first.

ETIAS Travel Authorization Check List

  • Apply for an ETIAS travel authorization well in advance, before purchasing tickets or accommodations.

  • Make sure your passport details correspond to those in your ETIAS authorization. You will be refused boarding and entry at the border if they do not match.

  • Make sure your ETIAS travel authorization is still valid.

  • Check how long you can stay in the European countries requiring ETIAS.

For information on the new travel requirements, click or tap here.


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