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Food tourism drives travel industry's growth.

Food tourism drives travel industry’s growth.

Restaurant Reservations: The New Trend in Culinary Travel

Traditionally, travelers would book their restaurant reservations through the hotel concierge upon arrival at their destination. However, according to industry executives attending Virtuoso Travel Week in Las Vegas, this practice is quickly becoming a thing of the past. It seems that the quickest way to attract the attention of well-heeled clients is through their stomachs. Food and drink play a major role in influencing where travelers choose to go.

For luxury resorts like Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal, creating unique culinary experiences has become a priority. At the resort, guests can visit the Agave Study at Peacock Alley and create their own custom blends of spirits to take home. The trend of food-focused travel has also given rise to businesses like Food Chick Tours, run by food writer and culinary instructor Julia Celeste Rosenfeld. Rosenfeld takes visitors to San Antonio on tours of its diverse food scene, allowing them to interact with chefs and learn about food history.

Culinary Tourism has become a specialized segment in the travel industry, with professionals like Ashley Roe Stevens of Trellis Travel catering to clients looking for customized food experiences. Stevens helps travelers who have been to popular food destinations like Rome, Florence, and Paris find unique culinary experiences in lesser-known villages. These experiences often involve hands-on interaction with local chefs in a more intimate setting.

Food travel has become a trend that spans across generations and has caught the attention of various travel companies. Collette, a company that specializes in motor coach group tours, now offers itineraries with smaller groups that include home-hosted meals and private cooking classes. Rocky Mountaineer, a luxury train operator, has adapted to this trend by featuring local beers and spirits from nearby distilleries and breweries on board their trains.

Even big cities are seeing a surge in demand for fine dining experiences. Vancouver and Istanbul are now home to Michelin-starred restaurants, attracting foodies who collect stars by visiting as many rated restaurants as possible. Additionally, popular food markets like Granville Island Public Market in Vancouver draw millions of visitors each year.

As the interest in culinary travel continues to grow, luxury resorts are finding innovative ways to cater to their guests. Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal’s beverage team traveled to Oaxaca to learn about blending different Mezcals and now share this knowledge with guests. Visitors can even coat the rim of their glass with salts made from worms, ants, or grasshoppers. Soneva, with locations in the Maldives and Thailand, invites celebrity chefs for VIP visits, giving guests the chance to interact with top cooks. The resort’s Treepod Dining at Soneva Kiri lifts diners more than 200 feet into the air for a unique rainforest dining experience.

In conclusion, culinary travel has become a major trend that is influencing travelers’ choices and creating opportunities for businesses in the travel industry. Whether it’s exploring diverse food scenes, participating in hands-on cooking experiences, or dining at unique locations, food has become a significant aspect of the travel experience, especially for well-heeled travelers looking for personalized and immersive experiences.

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