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Family cousins' reunion showcases valuable lifestyle moments.

Family cousins’ reunion showcases valuable lifestyle moments.

Four Generations Celebrate the Griffin Family Reunion

The Griffin family reunion, a gathering of four generations of descendants of Earl and Libby Griffin, took place on a beautiful sunny day, Saturday, July 29, 2023. The event was held at the Lions Building in Exira, and was attended by thirty-five guests.

A Delicious Feast Prepared by the Committee

The attendees contributed to the reunion by bringing either a salad or a dessert. However, the committee, consisting of Ronda Chase and Connie Esbeck, took charge of preparing the rest of the meal. Their hard work ensured that everyone had a variety of tasty dishes to enjoy.

Excitement at the Silent Auction Sale

Ronda Chase generously donated some intriguing items for a silent auction sale. This added a layer of excitement and provided an opportunity for attendees to acquire unique items while supporting the reunion.

A Multigenerational Gathering in Exira

The list of attendees was impressive and represented the diverse branches of the Griffin family. Among those present were Glenn and Connie Esbeck, Bernie Johnson, Kent Paulsen, Rich Griffin, Bev Olsen, Perry and Barb Paulsen, baby Maxine Paulsen, Travis Wilson, Bub and Jan Sorensen, Angela Sorensen-Immel, Chuck and Connie Sorensen, Mardy Sorensen, and more, all of them from Exira.

Furthermore, cousins from various locations made a special effort to attend, including Jon & Diane Esbeck from Brayton, Ronda Chase from Council Bluffs, Carolyn & Jim Wilkins from Pleasant Hill, Troy Griffin from Des Moines, Judy Jewett from Reinbeck, Phyllis Kline from Harlan, David M. Kline, David Kline II, David Kline III, Bill and Jennifer Kline from Omaha, Sandy Tiedeman and Vicki McKibbin from Adel, and Ross and Jane Johnson from Bakersfield, CA. Nathan Wilson and Lucas Wilson came all the way from Hamlin to join the celebration.

Ages Spanning from Youngest to Oldest

Two remarkable family members stood out due to their age. Mardy Sorensen, at 94 years old, and Bev Olsen, at 93 years old, were recognized as the oldest cousins in attendance. On the other end of the spectrum, the youngest member of the family present was Maxine Paulsen, granddaughter of Perry and Linda Paulsen.

Looking Ahead to the Next Reunion

The successful reunion concluded with the announcement of the next gathering, scheduled for July 26, 2025. The committee responsible for organizing the event will be composed of David M. Kline, Bill Kline, and Ronda Chase, ensuring the continuation of this cherished family tradition.


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