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DeSantis criticizes rivals | Politics as theatrical spectacle

DeSantis criticizes rivals | Politics as theatrical spectacle

DeSantis’ attacks on state don’t sway

Re: “DeSantis degrades San Francisco in new ad” (Page A1, June 22).

It was painful to see Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis take cheap shots at San Francisco and California. Of course, it’s expected of all radical, right-wing governors who still support Donald Trump and are hesitant to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

DeSantis has to remember that California: believes in science and vaccines; does not remove all references to slavery from history books, because we can rewrite history books, but can’t change history; does not deny health care to trans people; does not ban abortions, but welcomes pregnant women seeking one; does not kidnap migrants from far-away states and bus or fly them to other states at taxpayers’ expense; does not deny global warming and is taking steps to minimize its cause and effects.

California may be woke-y, but red states are wacky.

M. R. Pamidi
San Jose

GOP must stop treating politics as entertainment

If you’re baffled how Donald Trump is still a viable candidate for president, start viewing him as an entertainer who has won the hearts of what we now call the MAGA Republicans over the years.

Terrific as the irreverent, no-nonsense boss on “The Apprentice,” he later turned the presidency into a political version of “The Office.” So funny watching him mock the Constitution, turning the GOP into a wacky cult. And how he legitimized tyrants while undermining our allies, my goodness, so funny my sides are hurting. After getting “canceled” in 2020, you might have thought the show was over, but then he created a spin-off playing the same character running again, adding insurrection as entertainment for his loyal fans.

Seems absurd but it’s not. Unless Trump’s audience stops treating politics as entertainment, we may once again end up with the Donald Trump comedy show in the real world.

Todd Lowenstein
San Jose

Buy organic produce to aid farmworkers

Please think about those who harvest our food when you go to the grocery store.

According to Ann Lopez, director of the Center for Farmworker Families, 60% of these individuals are undocumented and vulnerable to having their wages stolen, to sexual harassment and even to rape with no legal recourse due to their status. They are exposed to toxic chemicals that cause various forms of cancer, including brain cancer and childhood leukemia, birth defects and a high incidence of ADHD. These chemicals eventually end up in the bloodstreams of all of us.

Contact your congressional representatives to ask why these chemicals are allowed and why farmworkers are not protected. Buy organic produce for the benefit of your health, the health of the farmworkers and the health of our environment.

Sharon Jackson
San Jose

Words matter in composting effort

Re: “Composting organic waste helps us in combating climate change” (Page A6, June 16).

I’m a longtime reader of your newspaper.

I believe that using terms like garbage, as the Frog Hollow Farm owner did when referring to compostable materials such as food scraps and food-soiled paper, significantly diminishes their inherent value from the perspective of residents and businesses.

I believe that agencies responsible for implementing programs to separately collect food scraps and food-soiled paper must emphasize the importance of respecting those valuable materials and their vital role in combating climate change.

Vera Dahle-Lacaze

Climate fight needs respect, not panic

Re: “Global heat records falling — panic might be in order“ (Page A7, June 21).

Mark Gongloff thinks that a smidgen of panic is helpful to address climate change. I think purposeful respect is an appropriate response.

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