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Branson legislators limit drag shows, calling them 'adult entertainment'.

Branson legislators limit drag shows, calling them ‘adult entertainment’.

Branson Restricts Drag Shows to Downtown Zoning District

After a board of aldermen vote on Tuesday night, Branson will be implementing restrictions on drag shows. The Branson Board of Aldermen voted four to two in favor of an ordinance that requires drag shows to only be held in the downtown zoning district, where adult entertainment is already allowed under city code. However, any businesses currently hosting drag shows outside of the downtown area will be permitted to continue doing so.

One of the main reasons behind these restrictions is to preserve Branson’s reputation as a family-friendly destination, a concern voiced by many residents. However, Alderman Cody Fenton opposed the measure because he represents downtown and believes that the fact that adult entertainment is zoned there could be problematic and should be further examined.

Alderman Chuck Rodriguez also voted against the ordinance, arguing that it violates citizens’ First Amendment rights and could potentially result in a lawsuit against the city. He emphasized the importance of upholding the constitution and expressed concern over the potential consequences of the ordinance.

A counterargument was presented by Branson Board of Alderman member Ruth Denham, who pointed out that the city code already allows adult entertainment in the downtown zoning district. She argued that this new ordinance aligns with existing regulations and represents a positive step forward.

The decision to restrict drag shows in Branson reflects the ongoing debate surrounding the balance between preserving the city’s family-friendly image and protecting citizens’ constitutional rights. It remains to be seen how these restrictions will impact the drag show culture in Branson and whether any legal challenges will arise in response.

Looking Ahead

The vote by the Branson Board of Aldermen is likely to have far-reaching implications for the arts and entertainment scene in the city. It remains to be seen how this decision may impact the local economy, tourism, and the overall cultural diversity of the community. With the controversy surrounding the ordinance, it is possible that further discussions and potential revisions may occur in the future.


Branson’s decision to restrict drag shows to the downtown zoning district raises important questions about the balance between maintaining a family-friendly environment and preserving citizens’ rights. While some argue that the ordinance is a step in the right direction, skeptics believe it oversteps constitutional boundaries. The outcome of this vote will undoubtedly shape the future of drag shows in Branson, and it will be interesting to observe the potential impact on both the local community and the wider public perception of the city.

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