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Waukon Lions Club donates to Veterans Memorial Hospital’s diabetes education program.

The Waukon Lions Club Supports Diabetes Education Program at Veterans Memorial Hospital

The Waukon Lions Club has recently made a significant donation to the Veterans Memorial Hospital Diabetes Education Program, aiming to promote self-management and learning opportunities for individuals with diabetes and vision impairment. This generous contribution will serve a dual purpose by funding the purchase of essential diabetes education reference materials and providing options for one-on-one diabetes consultations for uninsured individuals who require financial assistance.

A Local Effort Aligned with the Lions Club Mission

Neal Daley, Secretary of the Waukon Lions Club, expressed, “One of the primary objectives of Lions Club International is to enhance the lives of those living with diabetes and to support the blind and visually impaired.” Daley believes that this contribution perfectly aligns with the local Lions Club mission, contributing to the nationally certified Diabetes Education Program available at Veterans Memorial Hospital, particularly considering the often intertwined nature of diabetes and visual impairment.

Enhancing Patient Care through Reference Materials

Patients attending diabetes consultations with Angie Mettille, RN/BSN, a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist at Veterans Memorial Hospital, will benefit from the donated diabetes reference materials. According to Mettille, having a diverse range of reference materials enables healthcare providers to ensure that each patient receives personalized care and education tailored to their individual needs. These easy-to-read books are illustrated with visually appealing graphics, facilitating patients’ understanding of their disease and the treatment of diabetes. Integration of these materials seamlessly complements the current Diabetes Self-Management Education curriculum.

Accessibility for All Individuals

It is important to note that the Lions Club’s donation also includes limited funds to assist uninsured individuals in accessing crucial diabetes education. These funds will adhere to specific guidelines, ensuring that every person has an equal opportunity to learn about self-care while managing their diabetes. Mettille expresses gratitude for the Lions Club’s dedication to raising diabetes awareness within the community and emphasizing the importance of in-person, individualized education for all individuals.

Accreditation and Expertise

The Veterans Memorial Hospital Diabetes Education Program holds national accreditation from the Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists, validating its commitment to delivering high-quality education and care to individuals with diabetes.


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