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Washoe Tribe acquires Wa Sh She Travel Plaza.

Washoe Tribe acquires Wa Sh She Travel Plaza.

The Wa She She Travel Plaza on the day of its grand opening on March 25, 2016.

Washoe Tribe Purchases Wa She Shu Casino

The Washoe Tribe has announced its acquisition of the Wa She Shu Casino from Wind Creek Hospitality, who has operated the location since its opening in 2016. The Washoe Development Corp., the independent business arm of the Tribe, will take charge of the casino and truck stop on July 1.

Business Opportunities for the Tribe

Located on the same parcel as the Wa She Shu Travel Plaza along Highway 395, the 15,000-square-feet commercial building offers significant business opportunities for the Washoe Tribe. The Washoe Development Corp. is currently reviewing options with the Washoe Tribal Council for its future use.

About the Washoe Development Corp.

The Washoe Development Corp. was established by the tribe to operate its various businesses, including the Mica Chevron located in northern Douglas County. It is governed by five Washoe Tribal members and operates under a federal charter issued by the U.S. Department of the Interior.


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