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USA men's basketball select team outshines World Cup team.

USA men’s basketball select team outshines World Cup team.

USA Basketball and the Select Team

USA Basketball regularly assembles a select team to practice and scrimmage against its national team before major events such as the World Cup and the Olympics. These scrimmages serve as a test for the national team, while allowing the select team to prove its capabilities.

A Unique Scrimmage

It is important to note that the “games” held on Friday were only 10 minutes long, giving the national team an opportunity to experiment with various combinations. U.S. coach Steve Kerr did not treat a three-point deficit in the final minute as he would in a high-stakes situation, as there was no medal at stake. He did not call time-outs or actively participate in the game until it ended.

Despite these circumstances, the select team managed to beat the U.S. World Cup team in two scrimmages on Friday during the camp in Las Vegas. Kerr, however, seemed unfazed by these results, recalling similar outcomes before the 2019 World Cup and the previous Tokyo Olympics.

A Tradition in USA Basketball

Kerr acknowledged that the select team defeating their national counterparts is a time-honored tradition in USA Basketball. This tradition dates back to the iconic 1992 Dream Team, which consisted of some of the greatest NBA players at the time. During a closed scrimmage, the Dream Team lost to a team of college players with a score of 62-54. Although the select team initially tasted success, their subsequent scrimmages against the Dream Team showcased the vast talent gap.

In the current camp, the talent gap between the national team and the select roster is not as wide as it was in 1992. Cade Cunningham of the Detroit team stood out as a standout player for the select team during Friday’s scrimmages.

Challenges and Preparations

Kerr emphasized the importance of having great talent challenge the national team during the camp. This would help the team improve and prepare for the upcoming World Cup. The camp will continue over the weekend, and the U.S. will have its first tune-up game against Puerto Rico on Monday in Las Vegas.


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