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DPS probes de-escalation room at McAuliffe International School.

DPS probes de-escalation room at McAuliffe International School.

Investigation into De-Escalation Room at McAuliffe International School

Denver Public Schools is currently investigating a de-escalation room, also referred to as a seclusion room, at McAuliffe International School. The investigation was prompted by a whistleblower who claimed that students of color were being locked inside the room. The school district is taking these allegations seriously and will be conducting a thorough examination of the situation.

Mcauliffe International School Principal Termination

This is the latest controversy surrounding McAuliffe International School, which recently terminated its principal, Kurt Dennis. Dennis had expressed concerns about student privacy laws regarding the pat-downs of students considered to be a safety threat. The final decision on Dennis’ termination will be made by the DPS school board on August 24.

Investigation into Students of Color Treatment

During a news conference, a DPS board member stated that the police should investigate the locked room at the school and how students of color are treated. The whistleblower mentioned in an email that students of color were locked in the room multiple times, with the lock on the outside of the door.

Pictures of Locks on De-Escalation Room

DPS has released pictures showing locks placed on the doors and windows of the de-escalation room at McAuliffe International School. According to district policy, a student should not be left alone in a room, and this particular room did not adhere to these guidelines. Information from the general counsel at DPS indicates that mainly male students who are brown and Black were placed in this room.

Purpose of the De-Escalation Room

An attorney representing Dennis stated that the de-escalation room is intended to provide a space for students with disabilities or behavioral issues to calm down. The room is part of their individual educational plan, which is developed with input from counselors, administrators, parents, and psychologists. It is only used for students who may become violent or out of control.

Efforts to Address Racial Discrimination and Trauma

The interim principal of McAuliffe International School, Micah Klaver, sent an email to parents acknowledging the community’s scars of racial discrimination and trauma. The school recognizes the need for historical context and aims to promote open dialogue and collaboration among stakeholders from different racial and ethnic backgrounds. Efforts are being made to address implicit and explicit biases and work towards healing and unity within the school community.


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