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Travel agents discourage tourists from visiting Maui.

Hawaiian Leaders Urge Tourists to Avoid Maui

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) – Hawaiian leaders are appealing to tourists to postpone their plans to visit Maui due to ongoing challenges on the island. The current situation has compelled Middleton travel consultant Torey Corcoran to recommend clients explore alternative destinations.

According to Corcoran, individuals with existing bookings for Maui have the option of visiting another Hawaiian island or rescheduling their plans. Depending on their insurance coverage, they may even be able to obtain vouchers or rebook their entire trip. Corcoran assures travelers that the other islands are still functioning well and that they can look forward to visiting Maui in the future.

Maui’s Tourist Scene Affected by Restaurant Closures

As the most popular tourist destination in Hawaii, Maui is currently facing significant challenges. The majority of restaurants on the island remain closed and show no signs of reopening anytime soon. Consequently, other Hawaiian islands present better options for tourists seeking a complete vacation experience.

Difficulties in Returning Stranded Visitors

Mike Zimmer, a travel consultant from Middleton, reports that some of his clients are currently stranded in Hawaii, with repatriation efforts proving to be quite challenging. Cancelled flights have disrupted travel plans, both arriving in and departing from Maui, making it difficult for tourists to leave the island. Attempts to relocate them to other islands and arrange alternative departure points have been largely unsuccessful due to the high volume of affected travelers.

However, Zimmerman does mention that they have gradually achieved some success in bringing people back.

Timeframe for Normal Travel Conditions in Maui Uncertain

Corcoran acknowledges the difficulty in predicting when Maui will fully recover from the current challenges and be ready for smooth travel operations. While the fire has caused severe damage to parts of Lahaina, other areas of Maui remain untouched and will eventually welcome visitors once again.

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