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Summer ideal for holiday travel, AAA explains why.

Summer ideal for holiday travel, AAA explains why.

Plan Ahead for Your Holiday Travel

As the summer heat intensifies, it’s time to start thinking about cooler days and year-end holidays. AAA travel advisors suggest that now is the best time to make your holiday plans, even though most people book their travel in September and October. By planning ahead, you can secure nonstop flights and premium seats before they fill up quickly.

Secure Nonstop Flights Before They Fill Up

Most travelers prefer nonstop flights to avoid layovers and reach their destination faster. Nonstop flights, especially those going cross-country or internationally, tend to book up fast. If you wait too long to book your airline tickets, you’ll have fewer options for nonstop flights and premium seats. It’s recommended to book early to ensure you get the flight you want.

Book Early Before Most Families Do

While most families are focused on enjoying their summer vacations and camps, it’s the perfect time for you to start planning for the holidays. Many families wait until early fall to book their holiday travel when schools resume and they’re back into their routine. By beating the rush and booking now, you’ll have the best selection of travel options.

Consider Gifting Travel Experiences Instead of Presents

More people are choosing to gift travel experiences to their loved ones rather than traditional presents. This trend indicates a rising interest in holiday travel. For instance, some families surprise their children on Christmas morning with a trip to Disney World. To ensure you get exactly what you want, it’s important to book your holiday trips early.

Embrace YOLO and Start Tackling Your Bucket List Now

After three years of the pandemic, many travelers have realized the importance of not delaying their travel plans any longer. The “You Only Live Once” mindset has motivated people to embrace adventure and explore their bucket lists. Travelers are eager to go abroad this year, realizing that their health and circumstances may change in the future.

Popular Destinations to Book in Advance

European travel is booming this year, and the holidays will be no exception. Touring Christmas markets in Europe and going on river cruises during the holidays are highly sought-after experiences. Caribbean cruises and theme park vacations are also popular among families with kids during winter break. To secure your spot in these destinations, it’s advisable to book well in advance.

Get Inspired and Plan Your Trip with AAA

For holiday travel ideas and vacation bookings, reach out to a AAA travel advisor or browse Trip Canvas for inspiration and top trending destinations. AAA Diamond hotels and restaurants can provide you with the best places to stay and dine during your trip. Start planning early to make the most of your holiday travel.


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