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Spring Hill Mall parking converted into outdoor entertainment.

Spring Hill Mall parking converted into outdoor entertainment.

With the Future of Spring Hill Mall Still Uncertain

Daily Herald Reports Plans for Outdoor Entertainment Area

A new development is underway to transform the parking lot outside of a shuttered store at Spring Hill Mall into an outdoor entertainment venue. The project, spearheaded by Container Collective Social, aims to convert 60,000 square feet of parking spaces using shipping containers. Once completed, the space will feature small shops, a bar, and various entertainment areas.

Revitalizing Spring Hill Mall

Spring Hill Mall, a suburban mall, is currently facing an uncertain future. In an effort to breathe new life into the area, plans have been approved to create an outdoor entertainment destination. The concept behind the project is to utilize the now-vacant parking lot outside of the former Carson Pirie Scott store.

Container Collective Social Takes the Lead

Container Collective Social, a company specializing in innovative urban designs, will oversee the transformation of the parking lot. Their vision includes using shipping containers to build small shops, a bar, and other entertainment areas. By repurposing these containers, a unique and vibrant environment will be created for visitors.

What to Expect at the Outdoor Entertainment Area

The outdoor entertainment area will offer a diverse range of attractions and activities. Patrons can look forward to food trucks, live performances on a stage, and screenings of movies and concerts on a large screen. The space aims to cater to a wide audience, ensuring there is something for everyone.

Approval for Liquor License

In order to enhance the experience for visitors, Container Collective Social sought a liquor license for the establishment. Carpentersville trustees approved this request, allowing the company to provide beverages to patrons during events and gatherings.

Exciting Possibilities for Sporting Events

Container Collective Social plans to utilize the outdoor space for more than just concerts and movies. The company aims to project sporting events, such as Cubs or Bears games, on a large screen. This creates an opportunity for sports enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite games in a unique and vibrant setting.

Lease Agreement and Future Prospects

Container Collective Social has signed a lease agreement for the parking lot space, valid until October 2023. While their plans for this summer are set, the potential for the project’s return in future summers remains uncertain. The Daily Herald reports that West Dundee, which holds a portion of the mall, is currently in talks to purchase several stores from the mall’s owner. However, it should be noted that Carpentersville also has land within the mall.


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