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Quah Laughs debuts in August, community awaits.

Quah Laughs debuts in August, community awaits.

The Quah Laughs: Bringing Laughter to Tahlequah Residents

The Quah Laughs is set to make its debut in August, with a goal of creating laughs and smiles among Tahlequah residents.

Introducing “The Quah Laughs”

Justin Mclemore, owner of Full Blood Productions, is a team leader for the new comedy show, “The Quah Laughs,” which will take place at The Venue on Aug. 12 at 6 p.m. Mclemore’s aim is to create a stand-up comedy show specifically for Tahlequah and its surrounding communities, providing them an opportunity to forget about their problems, even if just for a little while.

According to Mclemore, comedy has the power to reveal truths in a funny and relatable manner, making people laugh and view their problems from a different perspective. He believes that laughter can be a healing force and hopes to bring this positive energy to the residents of Tahlequah.

The Lineup

The Quah Laughs will feature four acts, with Jordan Jayi as the headliner. Additionally, Rachel Rose, Dakota Sixkiller, Keland Bearpaw, and Tahlequah resident Nacoti Dushane will be performing. The Native rap duo, Mike Bone, will also make an appearance, although not performing. While this year’s show features all Native American acts, Mclemore is open to including comedians from various backgrounds in future editions.

Accessibility and Admission

Mclemore paid attention to the demographic of the show’s location, Tahlequah, in order to determine a suitable admission fee. As Tahlequah is a smaller community, he aimed to keep it affordable, offering a night of entertainment for just $10.

A Dream Years in the Making

The initial idea for the show has been in the works for the past couple of years. When the COVID-19 pandemic gave Mclemore more time to think, he realized that Tahlequah lacked a comedy scene. He also observed that many people were worried and experiencing despair. Determined to help people overcome this negativity and bring back laughter, Mclemore decided to organize “The Quah Laughs.”

A Dry Bar for Comedy

The show is for individuals aged 18 and older and will feature a “dry bar” at the request of the comedians. All the comedians agreed that they wanted more people to attend and preferred the show to be alcohol-free, encouraging a wider audience.

A Future of Laughter and Inclusion

Depending on the feedback from the show, Mclemore may consider making “The Quah Laughs” a yearly or biannual event. Additionally, there may be a future family-friendly edition of the show. Mclemore believes that laughter can bring people together and hopes to create a positive, inclusive experience for everyone.

Join Us at The Quah Laughs

Tickets for The Quah Laughs can be purchased at www.thequahlaughs-.ticketbud.com/the-quah-laughs. In case of any issues, please reach out through thequahlaughs@gmail.com.


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