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Olivia Rodrigo’s supernatural journey: ‘out-of-body’ vampire encounter

Olivia Rodrigo Explains the Inspiration Behind ‘vampire’

Writing ‘vampire’ was an “out-of-body experience” for Olivia Rodrigo. The 20-year-old singer’s first single from her upcoming album ‘GUTS’ was produced by and co-written with Daniel Nigro, who she worked with on her 2021 album ‘Sour’. Olivia revealed that the song was inspired by her own feelings of confusion and hurt.

When Olivia found herself upset about a certain situation, she sought solace in the studio alone. Sitting down at the grand piano, she allowed her emotions to flow freely, resulting in the chords, melody, and lyrics of ‘vampire’. It was almost as if she was not in control of her own body, as the creative process became a deeply immersive experience for her.

Initially, Olivia envisioned ‘vampire’ as a piano ballad to encapsulate the raw emotional vulnerability of the song. However, when collaborating with Daniel Nigro, they decided to transform it into something unexpected. By juxtaposing the heart-wrenching lyrics with pounding drums and dynamic tempo changes, they crafted a heartbreak song that you can dance to.

Olivia Rodrigo Embraces Her Anger in ‘vampire’

In an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, Olivia shared her excitement in being able to “express those feelings of rage and dirty s*** and messing s*** up” through ‘vampire’. The singer, known for her hit track ‘good 4 u’, held nothing back as she unleashed her fury upon an ex-lover.

Olivia acknowledged that her musical taste has always gravitated towards heavier sounds, but in her daily life, she rarely gets the opportunity to embody such emotions. Music, however, grants her the freedom to explore and articulate feelings that are otherwise restrained in her day-to-day routine. This is precisely why Olivia finds herself drawn to the intensity of ‘vampire’ and similar songs. Through music, she can fully embrace her messy and unfiltered side.


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