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Nonprofit advocates mental health awareness for first responders.

Nonprofit advocates mental health awareness for first responders.

Supporting San Antonio’s First Responders

San Antonio has experienced a significant increase in emergency calls this summer, including a devastating house fire that resulted in multiple casualties. First responders in the city have been facing an immense mental burden due to these incidents. Richard Miller, president of the 100 Club of San Antonio, is dedicated to providing support for these brave individuals who sacrifice so much to keep their communities safe.

The Mission of the 100 Club of San Antonio

The 100 Club of San Antonio is a nonprofit organization that focuses on supporting local first responders in both the city and Bexar County. It operates independently of any specific agency in San Antonio. Miller emphasizes that their objective is to be there for first responders and their families by providing both direct and indirect support.

Addressing Mental Health

Miller acknowledges that the need for mental health support among first responders has increased significantly, particularly in light of the recent violent incidents. The 100 Club actively promotes mental health awareness and offers training and counseling to those who require it. Brad Phipps, a retired San Antonio Fire Department firefighter, attests to the importance of this support, having personally benefited from the 100 Club’s assistance. Phipps emphasizes that the toll of witnessing injuries and death can have a lasting impact on first responders’ mental well-being.

Supporting Those Who Serve

The 100 Club of San Antonio firmly believes in the responsibility of taking care of those who serve the community. It recognizes the bravery and sacrifices made by first responders and seeks to alleviate their burdens. By prioritizing mental health and offering various forms of assistance, the 100 Club aims to give back to those who risk their lives every day.

Collaboration with SAFD and SAPD

Both the San Antonio Fire Department (SAFD) and San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) have established programs to support their staff members on a daily basis, recognizing the importance of mental health for their departments. Miller acknowledges that this summer has been particularly challenging for first responders and hopes that discussing mental health becomes easier as a result.

Driving Generational Change

Miller highlights the significant generational change taking place regarding attitudes towards mental health in the realm of first responders. By prioritizing mental health support and encouraging open conversation, the 100 Club of San Antonio aims to contribute to this broader shift in understanding and treatment.

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