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Massapequa’s softball team wins historic Little League World Series.

Sunday’s big win brings celebration for softball champions

MASSAPEQUA PARK, N.Y. – Sunday’s big win brought in cheers of celebration for the newest softball champions of the Little League World Series.

Those cheers echoed from the host stadium in North Carolina to their home turf packed with dozens in Massapequa as the 12 and Under International Little League Softball team earned their title as the best in the world.

“I know those girls and their families and to see this for them is amazing,” one fan told FOX 5.

They got on top of their opponent North Carolina early, scoring 3 runs in the first inning, and they never took their feet off the gas, winning their matchup 5 to 2.

“We are so excited. This is amazing, amazing accomplishment for these girls and for the coaches, all of the coaches are so passionate so encouraging, such great role models for these girls,” said a fellow coach in the city league.

Leaders of the hometown team celebrated their new heroes making an empire statement in front of an international audience.

“Boy oh boy talk about a bunch of women getting the job done. They know what they’re doing. They listen to their coaches. They’re filled with dedication and they’re our heroes. They’re the world champions,” said Joseph Saladino, the Town of Oyster Bay’s Supervisor.

Those players and coaches brought a whole new level a pride and joy in a job well done on the diamond not just Sunday but all summer long leaving some big shoes to field for their little sisters waiting on deck for their swing at history.

“It means a lot to me. When I look up on the screen, I’m like I want to be that one day when I’m old enough,” said a younger fan.

It was a heart-warming victory for the league’s VP more than 20 years in the making.

“To win this right now, we’re still on cloud 9 we really are. I don’t think it’s set in yet,” said Tom Dorsa who started the Massapequa International Little League decades ago.

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