Thursday, April 18, 2024
CIA's pain-alleviating 'cheat code' stuns TikTok users.

CIA’s pain-alleviating ‘cheat code’ stuns TikTok users.

A declassified document from 1977 has revealed a secret CIA “cheat code” that has astounded viewers with its ability to alleviate pain. Stephanie Forlini, a psychology graduate from the US, shared a TikTok video explaining how she stumbled upon this “interesting” technique. The code, consisting of five digits, is said to diminish feelings of pain when repeated by the person experiencing it. This technique, known as the Gateway Program, was developed by the Monroe Institute of Applied Science as part of the CIA’s training system. The program combines meditation-like techniques with sound technology to induce altered states of consciousness. The Gateway Intermediate Workbook claims that repeating the number 55515 in your mind can alleviate pain. Forlini’s video has gone viral with over 6.7 million views, and many viewers attest to the method’s effectiveness in relieving their pain. While some believe it could be a placebo effect, others argue that regardless of the reason, the person is experiencing less pain, making the method a success.


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