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45% of patients satisfied with their health insurance.

45% of patients satisfied with their health insurance.

Majority of Patients Dissatisfied with Health Plans, According to HealthEdge Research

Research conducted by health care software company HealthEdge reveals that a significant number of patients are unhappy with their health plan. Out of the 2,800 people surveyed, only 45% claimed to be fully satisfied.

Key Factors Affecting Member Satisfaction

When asked about ways to enhance member satisfaction, respondents ranked the following factors highest:

  1. Incentives and rewards for healthy behaviors
  2. Easy access to health records
  3. Access to providers who prioritize member preferences and personal traits
  4. Quality customer service
  5. Tools and information to help find less costly care

Modern Technology Solutions to Improve Member Experiences

According to the report, consumer expectations have risen due to increased competition in the health care industry and the prevalence of personalized digital convenience in the retail sector. Christine Davis, senior vice president of marketing at HealthEdge, emphasizes the importance of adopting modern technology solutions to personalize member experiences and enhance their satisfaction. These solutions include greater access to meaningful data, omni-channel engagement capabilities, and more personalized care management strategies.

Benefits of Modern Care Management Platforms

The report highlights how modern care management platforms can benefit both care managers and providers. These platforms enable tailored care plans based on individual member needs. By accessing data on social determinants of health, such as housing instability, food insecurities, and transportation barriers, care teams can identify risks and connect members to necessary support. This leads to lower costs, higher quality, and better outcomes, ultimately improving healthcare for payers, providers, and patients alike.

Dual-Eligible Plans and Member Satisfaction

Interestingly, the survey findings suggest that dual-eligible plans, designed for individuals qualifying for both Medicare and Medicaid, demonstrate the highest member satisfaction. Additionally, responses indicate that 18-24-year-olds are more inclined to prefer digital communication methods, like texting and mobile app messaging, in their interactions with health plans. On the other hand, participants aged 65 and above tend to favor more traditional channels, such as phone calls and emails.

Transforming Member Experience through Technology

The full report of survey findings provides guidance for payers on leveraging technology to transform the member experience and create a collaborative partnership between patients and health plans.



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