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Music Cypher Transcends Mere Entertainment

The Chattanooga Youth Music Cypher: Empowering Youth through the Arts

The Chattanooga Youth Music Cypher is set to take the stage again. It has brought together an array of young artists for an “unforgettable summer of creativity and empowerment.”

A Health Literacy Performing Arts Movement

It’s a health literacy performing arts movement, providing a platform for youth to express themselves through various art forms. With a focus on nurturing creativity, self-expression, and personal growth, the program aims to foster a strong sense of community and empowerment among the young participants, said officials.

A Showcase of Young Talent

Presented as a series of battles, this event showcases the skills of local youth competing in beat-making, rapping, dancing, singing, and essay writing.

Nurturing Artistic Growth and Emotional Well-being

Throughout the summer, youth have actively engaged in a diverse range of artsy activities, honing their craft, and refining their talents. The Cypher has become a tool to help these youth cope with day-to-day challenges and trauma, allowing them to channel their emotions and feelings into their preferred art which can enable a sense of healing and emotional well-being, said officials.

Celebrating Achievements and Recognizing Value

The culmination of their hard work and dedication will be celebrated in a free event on Friday at 7:30 p.m. in the Bessie Smith Hall, 200 MLK Blvd. It will be an evening solely dedicated to recognizing their achievements, ensuring they understand their true value, and acknowledging their importance to the community, said officials.

Empowering Youth through Artistic Endeavors

“We believe in empowering our youth and showcasing their potential,” said SistaRN, PR marketing director of the Chattanooga Youth Music Cypher. “This event is all about them, celebrating their uniqueness and talent, and offering continued support for their artistic endeavors.”

For More Information

Visit www.ourcitycypher.com for more information about the Chattanooga Youth Music Cypher.


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