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Maasai people: honor their traditions and heritage.

Maasai people: honor their traditions and heritage.

Captivated by the Maasai People

Steve Baroch was drawn to the Maasai people of East Africa while working on a project in Kenya. He found their simple, non-complicated lifestyle to be fascinating and was interested in learning more about their community. Baroch began speaking with the Maasai, getting to know the chief, and attending various ceremonies on their land.

Helping To Preserve Their Way Of Life

As modern society encroaches on the Maasai people’s lands, their traditions and way of life are disappearing. Baroch decided to help by starting a foundation, Maasai Development Incorporated, which works to improve education, build infrastructure and support the community. Baroch’s foundation has helped in building a school, water wells, and they are currently working on building a rescue center for young ladies who have run away or become orphaned.

Support From Rotary Clubs in Castle Rock

For nearly 10 years, the rotary clubs in Castle Rock have been supporting the Maasai people with various projects including a school called “Castle Rock Daycare” and donations of books, computers, and medical supplies. Recently, the rotary clubs have provided emergency feeding programs to the community impacted by a severe drought that has killed much of the cattle and wild animals.

Preservation Through Education and Culture

In partnership with Maasai Development Incorporated, the Castle Rock High Noon Rotary Club is holding a life and cultural event at the Douglas County Event Center on April 6 at 6:30 p.m. The event will showcase the Maasai people’s culture, traditions, and lifestyle through songs, dances, jewelry, and artwork. Maasai Chief Joseph ole Tipanko, Cicillia Selevian, and John Paritau will talk about their traditions with children and marriage ceremonies. The event aims to raise funds to further support education, build wells, and provide a rescue center for the Maasai community and preserve their culture.


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