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10 Memes That Sum up the Internet Culture

10 Memes That Sum Up the Internet Culture

1. “I Can Has Cheezburger?” Cat

One of the earliest memes to go viral, “I Can Has Cheezburger?” features a cute white cat with a hilarious caption written in broken English. This meme parodied the grammatically incorrect captions that were popular in early internet culture.

2. Doge

With its striking image of a cute Shiba Inu and frequent use of incoherent phrases, Doge quickly spread across the internet community. Its iconic phrases, such as “wow” and “such amaze,” seem nonsensical yet totally relatable.

3. Expanding Brain

In 2017, the Expanding Brain format was introduced in which an image shows a series of four increasingly complex ideas or images. The original image bears the simple “normal” brain, with each subsequent image trending into a perplexing and, at times, bizarre realm of concepts.

4. Loss

Originally a panel for a comic strip, “Loss” has surpassed its origins and blown up on the internet. Its 4-cell structure featuring startling frames and the phrase “without dialogue” has proven remarkable effective for memes with an overreaching literary style.

5. Homer Simpson Backs into Shrub

Homer Simpson backing into a shrub has emerged as one of the most utilized reaction memes, and it makes perfect sense. Its situational depiction resonates as humorous and relatable, inevitably prompting innumerable captions.

6. Spongebob Squarepants Mocking

Inappropriate teasing to feel superior to someone being silly is an unpleasant reality. However, SpongeBob SquarePants’ mock draws that same idea into sweet absurdity. Images of SpongeBob looking unabashedly crazy finally present a humbled alternative to this overused attitude.

7. Drake Hotline Bling Dance

In 2015, Drake released his music video for “Hotline Bling,” which became a meme machine. The image highlights Drake dances with numerous interactions, in grand gestures to nose-picking, with captions such as facts and memes.

8. First World Problems

“First World Problems” as a label has escalated its relevancy in internet conversations. The distinction light-heartedly exposes, the privileged market whereby several citizens feel validated about airing their difficulties in abundance.

9. Arthur Fist

The meme ‘Arthur Fist’ propelling his animated or social realism uniform can attach to innumerable captions related to declamations of pretty much any sort, a perfect fit for Twitter usage if you ask me.

10. Distracted Boyfriend 

One of today’s most fantastic memes featuring a man walking with his girlfriend and is distracted by a point off-camera. This original image has spurred a ton of meme spinoffs standing upon offering true gems of sociological cultural blend.

Hopefully, by reviewing 10 funny “10 Memes that describes internet culture” memes, readers will know they recognize what the internet looks like today. These memes help research internet challenges, meaningful insights into pop culture identify humorous things making your daily trials and tribulations feel more normal, accompany that with a chuckle, and let them know that indeed we undoubtedly are there with heavy food recoils and funny pub articles.

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