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Jones, Gereghty compete for NY-17 against Rep. Lawler.

Jones, Gereghty compete for NY-17 against Rep. Lawler.

Democratic Candidates Announce Bids for New York’s 17th District

Last year, Republican Mike Lawler caused a stir when he unseated Hudson Valley Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, who chaired the House Democrats’ campaign arm. Since then, Lawler has become a political target, and now the race to make him a one-term congressional representative is taking shape.

Mondaire Jones, a former congressman looking to make a comeback, and Liz Gereghty, who served on the local school board and comes from a prominent political family, have both announced their bids for New York’s 17th district.

In an interview, Jones stated, “I’ve got a record of accomplishment. But I also know that the work is unfinished.” Gereghty expressed a similar sentiment, saying, “It’s too important. Our problems are too urgent.”

Key Points:

  • Jones and Gereghty both attack Lawler and try to link him to the House Speaker
  • Lawler retaliates by labeling Jones a “radical leftist”
  • President Joe Biden carried the district by 10 points in 2020

Gereghty is not the only Democratic candidate in the race. MaryAnn Carr, a member of the Bedford Town Council, has also filed to run in the Democratic primary.

The 17th district currently spans from Rockland County to Dutchess County. Jones previously represented the region in Congress, but due to redistricting last year, he had to compete in a different district, resulting in a loss. Reflecting on this, Jones said, “And for that reason, I am running to once again provide the leadership that I had already been providing for the constituency here.”

Jones is emphasizing his record from the previous Congress, highlighting his support for major climate and healthcare legislation proposed by the president.

Within weeks of launching his campaign, Jones has garnered numerous local endorsements and is already focusing much of his attention on a potential general election matchup with Lawler. The two candidates frequently exchange barbs on Twitter.

If the state’s congressional lines are redrawn, Jones has vowed to run in a comparable district in the Hudson Valley, asserting that “Mike Lawler must be defeated.”

When asked about Gereghty, Jones simply stated, “Anybody can run in this primary.” Gereghty, on the other hand, openly discussed Jones, noting his previous campaign in a different district and suggesting it could be challenging for him to recover from that.

Gereghty, the sister of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, describes herself as pragmatic and more moderate than her Democratic rival. Drawing from her experience on the Katonah-Lewisboro School Board, Gereghty highlighted the district’s expenditure on school security due to the lack of gun safety legislation, which she attributes to Republican refusal. She argues that taxpayers are burdened by these costs.

Both Jones and Gereghty are advocating for enhanced gun restrictions, protecting abortion rights, and addressing the cost of living.

Moreover, both candidates launch similar attacks against Lawler, attempting to associate him with the House Speaker. Jones accused Lawler of being controlled by “extreme MAGA Republicans,” while Gereghty described Lawler as “Kevin McCarthy’s familiar.”

Lawler is considered one of the more vulnerable House Republicans in the upcoming 2024 election. In 2020, President Biden carried the district by approximately 10 points. Lawler has been actively responding to Jones, particularly on social media, and has labeled him a “radical leftist.”


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