Thursday, April 18, 2024
DeSantis Memos: Shield Trump, Attack Ramaswamy Debate Strategy.

DeSantis Memos: Shield Trump, Attack Ramaswamy Debate Strategy.

The main part of the article discusses the leaked documents from a super PAC associated with Ron DeSantis’s presidential campaign. The documents provide advice, research memos, and internal polling to guide DeSantis in his upcoming Republican presidential debate. The memos urge DeSantis to attack Joe Biden and the media multiple times, state his positive vision, respond aggressively to Vivek Ramaswamy, and defend Donald Trump when Chris Christie attacks him. The leaked documents reveal an in-depth strategy aimed at gaining favorable media attention and positioning DeSantis as the candidate to carry on the Trump movement. The article notes that posting such documents online is risky, but super PACs often take the risk to convey nonpublic information to the candidate without violating the law.


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