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John Schmitt, Jr. triumphs in Grand Traverse Travel.

John Schmitt, Jr. triumphs in Grand Traverse Travel.

Success Stories: John Schmitt, Jr. – Grand Traverse Travel

John Schmitt, Jr. (Source: John Schmitt, Jr.)

Success Stories focus on veteran travel advisors and how they achieved success. Here’s a look at John Schmitt, Jr., CTC, owner of Traverse, Mich.-based Grand Traverse Travel, an affiliate of The Affluent Traveler Collection.

How did John Schmitt get his start as a travel advisor?

John Schmitt began his career in travel as a young man. He started by stamping brochures and answering phones at his family agency in the 1970s. At the age of 16 in 1981, he began selling travel and has been in the industry for 43 years.

How did he build his business over the years?

As John observed the travelers’ quest for value, he noticed that the best value in travel, in his opinion, is in the luxury travel segment. Based on this insight, his agency evolved to become a luxury-only agency, focusing on providing the best value to their clients.

What characteristic makes John Schmitt a successful advisor?

Listening. John believes that listening to the needs and desires of his clients is crucial in providing exceptional service and creating memorable travel experiences.

What have been his greatest challenges?

One of John’s greatest challenges has been helping travelers understand the complexities of the travel industry. He acknowledges that many details within the business may not make sense to travelers, even though he comprehends the reasons behind them.

What have been his greatest accomplishments?

One of John’s greatest accomplishments in his career has been the transformation of his agency from a full-service, “everything for everyone” establishment to a luxury-only agency. This transition has allowed him to focus on delivering top-notch experiences to his clients.

What tips can he provide to advisors new to the industry?

John advises new advisors to never stop learning, but to prioritize learning that will help them succeed in their niche. He also emphasizes the importance of developing solid relationships with the suppliers they work with, treating them as partners in their business.

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