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Joanna Lumley supports Camilla as rightful Queen.

Joanna Lumley supports Camilla as rightful Queen.

Dame Joanna Lumley Thrilled with Queen Camilla’s Title

Dame Joanna Lumley expresses her excitement over Queen Camilla’s new title, no longer being referred to as Queen Consort. The 76-year-old royal and her husband, King Charles, were officially crowned in May. Lumley praises her friend as a tremendous asset and a wonderful figurehead for the country.

Queen Camilla, a Wonderful Addition to Royal Heritage

In an interview with Britain’s HELLO! magazine, Dame Joanna Lumley shares her delight at Queen Camilla being addressed as Queen Camilla rather than Queen Consort. Lumley believes this change accurately reflects her friend’s name. She attests to Queen Camilla’s loyalty, her ability to stay silent when necessary, and her unwavering dedication to the people. Lumley commends Queen Camilla for capturing the hearts of the public, despite the challenge of always being compared to someone else.

Camilla’s Enthusiasm and Charm

Dame Joanna Lumley praises Queen Camilla for her enthusiasm and her genuine support for the causes she champions. Lumley highlights Queen Camilla’s charming, funny, and down-to-earth personality, making her a good sport and a delight to be around at official engagements.

Defending Charles and Camilla

Lumley dismisses criticism over Charles and Camilla ascending the throne in their 70s. She argues that their late reign is actually beneficial as it provides them with a deeper understanding of the world, life, and people. Lumley applauds their commitment to making positive changes and considers it a commendable quality.



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