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Japan leads as top "revenge travel" spot for Hongkongers.

Japan leads as top “revenge travel” spot for Hongkongers.

Land of the rising fun: Japan tops ‘revenge travel’ destination for Hongkongers

Land of the rising fun: Japan tops ‘revenge travel’ destination for Hongkongers


According to a recent survey, Japan has emerged as the most popular destination for Hongkongers planning their ‘revenge travel’ trips. The term ‘revenge travel’ refers to the pent-up demand for travel after a period of restrictions and lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With travel restrictions easing and vaccination rates increasing, Hongkongers are eager to explore new destinations, and Japan has become their top choice.

Japan’s Appeal for Hongkongers

Japan’s unique cultural experiences, diverse landscapes, and delicious cuisine are some of the factors attracting Hongkongers to the country. The research highlighted that many Hongkongers are looking forward to visiting Japan’s historical sites, trying traditional Japanese hot springs, and indulging in authentic sushi and ramen.

Safety Measures and Precautions

While the desire to travel is strong, it is essential for Hongkongers to take necessary safety measures and precautions during their trips. The survey revealed that the majority of respondents prioritized destinations with strict COVID-19 protocols, including social distancing, mask-wearing, and cleanliness. Japan’s reputation for strict adherence to health and safety regulations reassures Hongkongers and makes it an ideal destination for their ‘revenge travel’ plans.

Planning and Booking

To make the most of their trips, Hongkongers are advised to plan and book in advance. As the demand for travel surges, popular tourist attractions and accommodations may have limited availability. By planning early, Hongkongers can secure their preferred itineraries and accommodations, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable travel experience in Japan.

The Future of ‘Revenge Travel’

‘Revenge travel’ is expected to continue as more countries ease their travel restrictions and the global vaccination efforts progress. Hongkongers, like many others around the world, are embracing the concept of making up for lost time by embarking on adventurous trips. As the tourism industry gradually recovers, destinations such as Japan are likely to witness an influx of eager travelers seeking new experiences and unforgettable memories.


Japan’s appeal, coupled with its commitment to safety measures, has positioned it as the top choice for Hongkongers planning their ‘revenge travel’ trips. As travel resumes, it is important for travelers to stay informed about the latest travel advisories and guidelines while enjoying the freedom to explore new destinations and create lasting memories.

Note: The content in this article is a fictional rewrite based on the original article from South China Morning Post.


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