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Illini prioritize short travel for 2023 season.

Illini prioritize short travel for 2023 season.

Illinois football has one of the shortest travel distances in the Big Ten in 2023

Heading into the 2023 campaign, the Illini are poised for another great year. It helps that we don’t play Ohio State and Michigan this season. That will be a nice break. I also believe our travel distance for road games will be a benefit.

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7:30pm EST on September 02, 2023

For road games this season, Illinois will travel a total of 3,373 linear miles. While that might sound like a lot, it is actually the 10th most in the Big Ten. There are only four teams – Ohio State, Purdue, Indiana, Iowa – that have a shorter travel distance for games this season.

The longest trip for Illinois this season, in linear miles, is going to be Maryland. The Illini travel to take on the Terrapins on October 14. Round-trip, this will be a 1,226.34-mile journey.

Teams with the most travel distances in the Big Ten in 2023

  • Rutgers – 5,991 miles
  • Minnesota – 5,279 miles
  • Maryland – 5,251 miles
  • Wisconsin – 4,705 miles
  • Nebraska – 4,565 miles
  • Northwestern – 4,089 miles
  • Michigan – 3,960 miles
  • Michigan State – 3,905 miles
  • Penn State – 3,526 miles
  • Illinois – 3,373 miles
  • Ohio State – 3,248 miles
  • Purdue – 2,994 miles
  • Indiana – 2,949 miles
  • Iowa – 2,882 miles

The Illini will play five out of the top six teams in linear miles traveled this season. Here is to hoping jet lag is a thing for those programs.


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