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GeoCultura: journey to the ends and beginnings.

GeoCultura Tours: Travel with a Purpose

After a year of being grounded, many of us are looking forward to returning to travel. However, for those who want to make their travels count, GeoCultura LTD is launching 19 tour departures in 2023, taking curious and enquiring travelers through the deserts, prairies, and forests of North America, to the rocky crags of Scotland, and to the hidden highlights of Southern England. These tours are unique and not the normal tours, catering to a niche market filled with art and culture.

So, what separates the tourist from the traveler? It’s curiosity about what lies beneath the surface of a place and the capacity for lifelong learning. For this reason, GeoCultura tours are led by scholastic leaders in the fields of geology and history who offer insights and context that enhance the travel experience. Travel that counts is travel that adds wisdom and experience to those who venture, bringing that much more understanding about the world we inhabit.

Every Tour Tells a Story

GeoCultura tours range from three to nine days, and every tour is steeped in eye-opening tales that show how the earth, the land, and the people, along with the pervading influences of various eras, connected to bring us to where we are today. No topic goes unexplained, and no question goes unanswered, thanks to the regional focus experts who work hand-in-hand with tour managers to make sure that guests receive the best possible care.

What’s more, GeoCultura tours bring a robust roster of science experts to the planning and execution of each tour, maintaining an “earth-first” focus for every itinerary to reveal how landscapes and “deep time” geology continue to shape the history and culture of our planet.

Sneak Peek of Select Tours

GeoCultura Tours is offering a special tour for guests traveling to the United Kingdom in time for the right royal celebration coming up. The Coronation of His Majesty at the King and Her Majesty the Queen Consort will take place at Westminster Abbey on Saturday, May 6th, 2023.

For those who want to move beyond the bounds of Outlander to revisit the amazing history and conflicts that shaped the DNA of the North West Scottish Highlands, consider a tour that explores the Highlands’ scenery, providing a dramatic background for groups of 12 to 14 people.

In the United States, a GeoCultura tour from Philadelphia, PA to western Massachusetts looks at American Revolutionary War locales where geology played a role in the outcome of events. GeoCultura Tours also explores the rich geology, culture, and gastronomy of the Catalan Pyrenees that is explored through the presence of salt throughout and under the rolling terrain. Salt became a commodity of trade and prosperity and influenced culture throughout this eastern Spanish enclave.

Behind the Scenes

GeoCultura Tours was founded by a group of friends with a passion for travel and the desire to explore spectacular landscapes and rocky terrain while enjoying the best the region had to offer. Today, the company maintains the same spirit and values, promising guests an unforgettable experience worth more than just a social media post.

Tours start at around $2,000 per person (double), including meals, fees, and transportation. A modicum of fitness is required, although walking distances are reasonable, and terrains are clear and well-maintained. Accommodations are chosen for their historic significance or qualities that complement tour themes. For additional information, visit

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