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Copenhagen Fashion Week: Street Style Trends to Steal!

Copenhagen Fashion Week: Street Style Trends to Steal!

Copenhagen Fashion Week Street Style: The Newest Trends

While fashion enthusiasts eagerly await the start of fashion month in September, Copenhagen Fashion Week has already given us a taste of the newest trends. The official shows on the runway are undeniably exciting, but it’s the street-style looks from the guests that truly steal the show. True to Scandi style, the street style in Copenhagen is unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere. From vibrant pops of color to chic neutral ensembles, there’s a little something for everyone. The beauty of Scandi-girl trend lies in its emphasis on personal style, which means that many of these street style trends are unapologetically bold and daring. By incorporating statement pieces into your own wardrobe, there is so much we can learn from Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Unlike other established fashion weeks, Copenhagen Fashion Week has silently become one of the most iconic places for street-style inspiration. Luckily, the Scandi style is incredibly versatile, covering everything from timeless neutrals to vibrant maximalist looks. This means that there are numerous sources of inspiration for your next fashion adventure. In fact, while some of the trends seen in Copenhagen are continuations of what we are currently seeing in the fashion world, there are also ensembles that have instantly sparked the interest of many, leading them to start shopping for their next statement piece.

It’s a Barbie World

Contrary to what many may have thought following the release of the “Barbie” movie, the Barbiecore trend is still going strong, as proved by the street style at Copenhagen Fashion Week. Pink pieces and head-to-toe Barbie looks were on full display, indicating that the Barbie trend may continue for another season. Hot pink sets were particularly popular, allowing for an easy way to incorporate this saturated hue into your wardrobe. For those looking for a more subtle nod to the trend, light pink accessories or items can be a great choice.

Denim Overload

Scandi fashion trendsetters have a knack for transforming regular pieces into high-fashion statements, and denim is no exception. At Copenhagen Fashion Week, basic denim jeans and jackets were replaced by statement denim pieces. From embellished denim designs to cutout denim creations, there was plenty of denim inspiration to be found. The trend also extended to denim accessories such as shoes and bags, providing a sustainable fashion win.

Oversized Outerwear

Europeans are known for their expertise in shielding themselves from cold weather, making them the go-to source for outerwear trends. Copenhagen Fashion Week guests showcased their love for oversized outerwear pieces. Maxi coats and long aviator jackets were a common sight, offering a departure from lightweight outerwear options. These pieces not only provided warmth but were also full of style. Fuzzy and suede outerwear pieces were particularly prominent, adding a fashionable touch to gloomy weather.

Head-to-Toe Neutrals

While some fashion enthusiasts explored the joys of dopamine dressing, the guests at Copenhagen Fashion Week embraced statement-making neutral ensembles that were far from minimalist. Head-to-toe neutrals emerged as the perfect trend for those seeking a timeless wardrobe with a splash of boldness. Achieve this trend by wearing neutral pieces in a monochrome look that showcases different tones of the same color. Regardless of the neutral color you choose, there are endless options to create dynamic outfits.

Roomy Dresses

While slim-fit dresses have their own following, the spacious garment trend took center stage at Copenhagen Fashion Week. The dresses on display were anything but plain, featuring over-the-top puffy sleeves and cascading voluminous skirts. There was an abundance of fabric in these designs, allowing for a dramatic showcase. Additionally, there’s no need to store your summer dresses once fall or winter arrives. Pair your favorite extravagant dress with a coat or jacket for added warmth.

Statement Hair Accessories

While many focused on perfecting their outfits, some Copenhagen Fashion Week guests put just as much effort into their hair. Hair accessories took the spotlight, with guests sporting everything from bucket hats to ribbons. Whether you opt for a simple hat or a complex, over-the-top hair accessory, the options for elevating your hairstyle are limitless.

Motorcore Vibes

Scandinavian style is all about combining practicality with style, and the motorcore trend perfectly embodies this balance. Rather than opting for typical coats or sweaters, many guests at Copenhagen Fashion Week donned edgy racing jackets. While they may not have been racing motorcycles, their looks were a chic way of combating the cold weather. The motorcore trend has come a long way since it first appeared on our social media feeds and now offers a range of stylish options.

Copenhagen Fashion Week’s street-style looks have once again shown us that Scandinavian style knows no boundaries. From vibrant Barbie-inspired ensembles to oversized outerwear and head-to-toe neutrals, there’s a trend for every fashion lover. These street-style inspirations are a testament to the fashion-forward nature of Copenhagen and its ability to set trends that captivate the fashion world.


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