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Coast Guard saves Charles Gregory from sinking boat.

Coast Guard saves Charles Gregory from sinking boat.

Man Rescued After Being Stranded at Sea off Florida Coast

A 25-year-old man named Charles Gregory was rescued from his partially submerged fishing boat off the coast of St. Augustine, Florida, over the weekend. The U.S. Coast Guard, along with multiple law enforcement agencies, conducted an extensive search that lasted through the night to locate Gregory.

A video recorded by a Coast Guard airplane crew shows Gregory sitting in his small jon boat, which was filled with water and dipping into the ocean. The Coast Guard cutter crew successfully pulled Gregory from the boat, and he was transferred to another crew involved in the search and rescue effort before being taken back to shore. Fortunately, no medical concerns were reported.

Family Reports Gregory Missing

Gregory’s family reported him missing on Friday when he did not return to the Lighthouse Park Boat Ramp as expected. The Coast Guard issued a tweet seeking information about Gregory’s whereabouts, stating that he was last seen departing the boat ramp on a 12-foot jon boat.

Terrifying Ordeal at Sea

According to Gregory’s father, Raymond Gregory, his son went on a fishing trip early Friday morning and was tossed from his boat by rough tides. Although Gregory managed to hoist himself back into the boat, he was swept out to sea. During his ordeal, Gregory encountered sharks, endured jellyfish stings, and battled the scorching Florida sun. He fought to stay alive and relied on his faith throughout the 30 hours he was stranded.

After the rescue, Gregory’s father reported that he was home resting but in a state of exhaustion, dehydration, and suffering from rhabdomyolysis, a condition caused by the breakdown of damaged muscle cells. It is a serious health concern that can result from factors such as heat exposure, physical exertion, and direct trauma.

Related Media and Updates

The rescue was confirmed by the Coast Guard in a tweet, marking the final update in their series of updates regarding the search for Gregory. The agency also shared a video of the rescue and a tweet seeking information about his disappearance.

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