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WFU news highlights, July 31-Aug. 30, 2023

WFU news highlights, July 31-Aug. 30, 2023

A Better Front Door: Wake Forest to Offer Early-Admission Option for First-Gen Students

Wake Forest University is launching an initiative to enhance accessibility and opportunity for first-generation college students. The new “Early Action plan,” set to begin this fall, aims to attract first-gen applicants and emphasize the value of their experiences.

According to Vice President for Enrollment Eric Maguire, first-generation students have traditionally been less likely to take advantage of early decision programs. Despite offering exceptional support programs such as Magnolia Scholars and First in the Forest, Wake Forest hopes that the introduction of Early Action will send a strong message to these students, assuring them that they have a home at the university.

Varied Definitions of ‘First Generation’ Cause Confusion Among Students

The definition of “first generation” can be ambiguous, leaving students uncertain about their eligibility for programs and support. Wake Forest’s Vice President for Enrollment, Eric Maguire, acknowledges the confusion and states that the university is committed to improving accessibility and opportunity. The implementation of the Early Action plan is an important step toward that goal, aiming to create more opportunities for first-gen students.

The Barbie-Taylor-Beyoncé Summer: A Release of Pandemic Emotions

Large-scale events like concerts and movies provide an outlet for people to connect and engage with life after a year of isolation. Psychologists have observed that being around others and participating in such events helps individuals feel a sense of belonging and meaning in their lives. The return to these gatherings is seen as a positive sign of recovery and resilience.

Psychology professor Christian Waugh emphasizes that people draw strength from being in the presence of others, and these events offer an opportunity for individuals to feel a renewed optimism and a return to normalcy.

America’s Response to the Global South

The Global South has become an area of interest for several major powers, none of which align directly with the United States. Politics and international affairs professor Lina Benabdallah explains that China, in particular, is positioning itself as a member of the Global South and is viewed favorably by countries aspiring to be great nations. This poses a significant challenge for the United States, as it seeks to maintain influence and partnerships in the region.

Impact of Issue 1 on Ohio’s Constitution

If approved by voters, Issue 1 would make Ohio’s citizen-initiated amendment process one of the most difficult among the 18 states where citizens have control over the constitution. Politics professor John Dinan, an expert in state constitutions, highlights that the 60% ratification threshold and the geographic signature distribution requirement make Ohio’s amendment process more challenging than most. This analysis sheds light on the potential implications of the proposed amendment on Ohio’s constitutional landscape.

Texas Backlash to Obama Fuels Conservative Interpretation of U.S. Constitution

The state of Texas has become a testing ground for ideas surrounding the size and scope of the administrative state. Law professor Enrique Armijo notes that agencies exist for a reason, and he has become more sympathetic to the idea of their importance. This ongoing debate highlights the ideological divisions surrounding interpretations of the U.S. Constitution and the role of government.

Wake Forest Launches First-of-its-Kind Admissions Initiative for First-Gen Students

Wake Forest University is introducing a groundbreaking early admissions option specifically designed for first-generation college students. This initiative aims to provide more opportunities for first-gen applicants while also emphasizing the university’s commitment to their experiences and perspectives. By offering an Early Action plan, Wake Forest hopes to attract and support these students in their pursuit of higher education.

Wake Forest Mentors High School Students in Scientific Research

Through its LEAP program (Lab Experiences: Academics and Professions), Wake Forest University pairs high school students with mentors from the university to engage in scientific research. The program provides a six-week paid summer internship, allowing students to gain real-world experience and step outside their comfort zones. Program director Alana James praises the interns’ curiosity and eagerness to explore new avenues of learning.

Florence Nightingale Day Inspires Students to Pursue Statistics and Data Science

Wake Forest University participated in global Florence Nightingale Day events, celebrating the pioneering work of Florence Nightingale in data visualization and her significant contributions to modern nursing. Nightingale’s innovative use of data improved public health and revolutionized the medical field. Pre-college students attending the event at Wake Forest were encouraged to pursue statistics and data science.

The Ethical Implications of Retainers in Law

Lawyers must navigate ethical considerations when accepting retainers from clients, particularly when distinguishing between earned and unearned fees. Law professor Ellen Murphy highlights the enduring impact of clarifying this distinction, reinforcing that fees can be categorized into two fundamental types: earned and unearned.

Cook Out’s Expansion into NASCAR Branding

Fast-food chain Cook Out is looking to follow the success of other brands like Shake Shack and Five Guys in expanding beyond its core market and gaining a national presence. Sports economist Todd McFall suggests that Cook Out’s efforts to familiarize visitors to their brand will strengthen their foothold in traditional Cook Out strongholds, as thousands of people travel to the Carolinas annually.

Universities Concerned About Diversity Following Affirmative Action Ruling

The recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling against the use of affirmative action in college admissions has raised concerns among universities regarding their ability to maintain diversity. Junior Luke Tewalt expresses his belief that Wake Forest will miss out on valuable experiences, cultures, and backgrounds as a result of the ruling. In response, Wake Forest is launching an initiative to further lower barriers to undergraduate admission for first-generation college students.

The Impact of Trump’s Indictments on His Political Future

The third criminal case against former President Donald Trump raises questions about his presidential candidacy. Political science professor John Dinan speculates on whether these indictments will help or hinder Trump’s bid to secure the Republican nomination and succeed in the general election. The legal challenges facing Trump may have significant implications for his political future.

WFU Deepens Commitment to First-Generation Students

Wake Forest University is strengthening its commitment to first-generation college students with the launch of an admissions initiative aimed at removing barriers to undergraduate admissions. The Early Action option specifically for first-gen students offers an additional pathway of opportunity. President Susan R. Wente emphasizes the university’s dedication to creating a more accessible and inclusive educational environment.


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