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Chrissie Hynde: I've grown calmer with time.

Chrissie Hynde: I’ve grown calmer with time.

Chrissie Hynde, the 71-year-old music star, has admitted that she has become more “mellow” over the years. While she acknowledges that there are both pros and cons to aging, Chrissie believes that she has become much more laid-back in recent years. In an interview with the Observer newspaper, Chrissie explained that she doesn’t mind getting older, but she does mind getting uglier.

She acknowledges that aging is inevitable and that it is the only thing we can be certain of in life. She reflects on the fact that many of her friends did not have the privilege of growing old. Despite this, Chrissie is not a worrier by nature and sees many positive aspects to the aging process. She admits that there aren’t many things she knows now that she didn’t know when she was 16, but there is a significant difference between knowing something and truly realizing it. For Chrissie, it took 50 years to fully grasp certain concepts.

Surprisingly, Chrissie claims that she is now more relaxed than ever before. She describes this stage of her life as the “real mellow version” of herself. She compares aging to being a pothead again, suggesting a carefree and relaxed state of mind. However, she does acknowledge that there are still things that irritate her on a daily basis.

Despite enjoying considerable success throughout her music career, Chrissie reveals that she doesn’t actually enjoy being famous. In fact, she confesses that being recognized by fans and approached in public makes her feel uncomfortable and uneasy. She prefers to do ordinary things like taking public transportation without being bothered by fans.

In conclusion, Chrissie Hynde has experienced a shift in mindset as she has grown older. She has become more laid-back and relaxed, embracing the positive aspects of aging. Although she has achieved great success, she doesn’t enjoy fame and feels uncomfortable when recognized by fans. Through it all, Chrissie remains true to herself and continues to lead a life that suits her.


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