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CEO of Global Guardian discusses Mexico safety, business travel, crises.

CEO of Global Guardian discusses Mexico safety, business travel, crises.

Safety is a major concern for travelers, both domestically and internationally, and Global Guardian offers security solutions tailored to individual needs. The company provides a range of security services to help American tourists identify and mitigate risks while traveling. CEO Dale Buckner discussed various topics related to travel safety in an interview with TravelPulse.

Global Guardian acts as a “one-button solution” to support clients in dealing with potential risks during their trips. The company’s Operations Center, staffed by experienced security analysts and medical professionals, is available 24/7/365. Before travel, clients receive intelligence reports informing them about potential risks and how to prepare for them. During travel, if an incident occurs, travelers can use the panic button on the company’s mobile application to connect directly to the Operations Center, or the analysts may proactively contact the traveler if there is a nearby situation. The Global Guardian team responds to and manages the incident, coordinating with local teams if necessary to assist or evacuate the traveler.

Global Guardian offers emergency response, security, intelligence, evacuations, and kidnap and ransom services. Being prepared for crisis situations is crucial, particularly when traveling to areas where such issues are more prevalent. With the increasing complexity of the global threat environment, preparation is key to achieving better outcomes. Travelers should understand the risks associated with their destination and plan for worst-case scenarios. Global Guardian emphasizes the importance of preparation, planning, practicing the plan, and communication within organizations.

The company also provides executive protection plans for business travelers. Executives face various digital and physical threats, making travel a potential risk multiplier. Global Guardian offers customized support based on factors such as the local risks and the executive’s profile. This may include detailed reports and real-time alerts on developing situations before travel, as well as on-the-ground teams comprising security agents who mitigate emergency situations. Special accommodations, such as discrete agents, kidnap and ransom coverage, and cyber security monitoring, may be necessary in high-risk destinations.

In terms of medical support, Global Guardian offers comprehensive services through memberships. Clients have access to board-certified physicians 24/7/365 for medical consultations, emergency prescription assistance, and local hospital referrals. The company’s Air Ambulance membership provides medical evacuation services, flying members to their preferred hospitals for recovery.

Regarding Mexico, Global Guardian advises travelers to visit the country only if they have a concrete plan to address the associated risks. Travelers should be aware of the safety and security risks, stick to areas with large tourist presences, and avoid driving through rural areas. Staying cautious, keeping informed about local news, and being mindful of personal information shared online can help mitigate potential threats. Mexico has a high kidnapping rate, including virtual kidnapping, where criminals convince victims’ families that they have been abducted to extort ransom, and express kidnapping, where victims are taken to ATMs for immediate withdrawals. Awareness and precautionary measures can help travelers stay safe in Mexico.


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