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Can old Bushwood site become Maywood's entertainment venue?

Can old Bushwood site become Maywood’s entertainment venue?

Former Bushwood Golf Practice Center Could Become an Entertainment Venue

The former Bushwood Golf Practice Center, located at 30 Madison St., is undergoing plans to be transformed into an entertainment venue by the village of Maywood. To acquire the property, the village purchased it from the Cook County Land Bank Authority for a nominal fee of $10, as recorded in May 2021. The property, previously used as a landfill, was later converted into a golf range.

Golf Range Ceases Operation Due to Bankruptcy

In 2019, the family-owned golf range, as reported by Village Free Press, filed for bankruptcy and ceased operations. The inability to pay the annual property tax bill, which amounted to a hefty $301,783 in 2017, was cited as the reason for the closure. As a result, the 8-acre property fell into delinquency and became part of the Cook County Land Bank Authority’s inventory of vacant properties.

Maywood Village’s Plans for the Property

Maywood Trustee Isiah Brandon revealed that the village’s proposed use for the property, during the application for its purchase, is to transform it into an entertainment venue. Additionally, the village would be responsible for managing the property. Currently, a property assessment is underway to determine the necessary investment required to improve the property’s condition.

Previous Approvals and Potential Pathway

The village’s plans for the property date back to 2021 when former mayor Edwena Perkins and the village board approved its acquisition from the Cook County Land Bank Authority. The board also approved an acquisition fee of $7,500 for the property’s conveyance to the village. Furthermore, the plans may include the creation of a pathway adjacent to the property’s west side, connecting Madison Street to the nearby Illinois Prairie Path. However, specific details regarding the pathway are currently unclear.

Mayor Booker’s Unavailability for Comment

No response has been received from Mayor Nathaniel Booker regarding comment on the plans for the property.

Can old Bushwood site become Maywood's entertainment venue?


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