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Active Travel England uses data for investment.

Active Travel England uses data for investment.

Active Travel England partners with Alan Turing Institute to support walking and cycling schemes

Active Travel England has teamed up with the Alan Turing Institute to create software and data science techniques that will help local authorities deliver walking and cycling schemes. The collaboration will run for two years and cost $250,000. The new tools will complement existing data sources, such as OpenStreetMap, to help meet the British government’s objective of 50% of short trips in urban areas being made by walking, wheeling and cycling by 2030.

The Importance of the Active Travel Initiative

According to Dr. Robin Lovelace, head of data for Active Travel England, the partnership between the two is significant. Transport models and datasets represent leverage points in the transport planning system. The lack of data and robust analysis of active modes has led to them not being taken seriously. New datasets can ensure that investment goes where it’s most needed. The collaboration with Alan Turing Institute enables local councils to maximize active travel’s environmental, economic, and health benefits.

Cuts to Active Travel Budget

Unfortunately, last month, the government cut £452m from England’s active travel budget. The Walking and Cycling Alliance (WCA), which is made up of cycling and walking organizations such as British Cycling, Living Streets, Ramblers, and Sustrans, says the cuts mean a two-thirds cut to promised capital investment in walking and cycling.

Conservative MP Selaine Saxby and Ruth Cadbury, Labour MP, co-chairs of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Cycling and Walking, expressed their disappointment. They said that at a time where we need to make progress on decarbonization and when people need cheap transport choices, it is incredibly disappointing that the active travel budget has seen such extensive cuts.


Active travel schemes frequently have much higher benefit:cost ratios than road building schemes, many of which are still going ahead despite falling value for money for taxpayers. The partnership between Active Travel England and Alan Turing Institute can help local councils maximize the benefits of active travel.


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