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$3,500 grant given to OTC's diesel technology program by Canoochee EMC Foundation.

$3,500 grant given to OTC’s diesel technology program by Canoochee EMC Foundation.

The Diesel Technology Program Receives Grant for Equipment Purchase

The diesel technology program at Ogeechee Technical College has been awarded a generous grant of $3,500 from the Canoochee EMC Foundation, Inc. This grant will greatly benefit the program by allowing it to purchase two heavy-duty jack stands for program and instructional use.

Investing in Quality Hands-On Training

Gary Perttula, the diesel technology instructor, emphasized the importance of technical education in providing students with high-quality hands-on training. To achieve this, it is crucial to regularly update and replace equipment to meet industry standards. Therefore, the grant funds awarded by the Canoochee EMC Foundation are greatly appreciated by the Ogeechee Technical College (OTC) community.

Perttula expressed his gratitude, stating, “We are grateful to the Canoochee EMC Foundation for awarding these funds to OTC so that we can continue to provide quality training to our students.”

The Impact of the Canoochee EMC Foundation

Funding for this grant was made possible through Canoochee EMC’s Operation Round Up program. By allowing members to round their bills up to the next dollar, thousands of Canoochee EMC members have collectively contributed more than $2 million to their communities since the program’s inception in 2001.

Joe Sikes, Canoochee EMC communications specialist, highlighted the foundation’s commitment to supporting education and making a lasting impact for recipients. He stated, “The Canoochee EMC Foundation proudly supports education, particularly initiatives that have a long-term effect. This donation directly supports efforts to improve our workforce, ultimately benefiting our entire community.”

About the Diesel Technology Program at Ogeechee Technical College

For those interested in learning more about the diesel technology program at Ogeechee Technical College, detailed information can be found at


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