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Decade-long roadmap for scientific and technological advancements.

Decade-long roadmap for scientific and technological advancements.

JTSI Leads the Development of Western Australia’s 10-Year Science and Technology Plan

JTSI is taking the lead in developing a new strategic 10-year Science and Technology Plan for Western Australia. The plan aims to establish WA as a global hub for leading and inclusive science and tech research, development, commercialisation, and deployment.

Enhancing Western Australia’s Position as a Global Leader in Science and Technology

The Western Australian Government is determined to enhance the state’s position as a global leader in science and technology. The plan involves investigating solutions to current and future challenges faced by the state. These challenges range from diversifying and decarbonising the economy to finding new medical solutions and improving the quality of life for Western Australians and people worldwide.

Highlighting Key Strengths and Opportunities

The Science and Technology Plan will highlight the state’s key strengths in various sectors. These include radio astronomy, space operations, remote technologies, marine science, and food security. It will also outline opportunities for sustainable living, energy transition, preparedness for critical technologies, and advanced manufacturing.

Acknowledging the Contribution of First Nation Peoples

The plan acknowledges the significant contribution of First Nation peoples to scientific discovery and advances. It aims to facilitate greater support for future engagement and endeavors between First Nation communities and the science and technology sector.

Hon. Stephen Dawson MLC’s Vision for Western Australia

Hon. Stephen Dawson MLC, stated, “The new 10-Year Science and Technology Plan will elevate Western Australia as an exciting global hub of science and technology development. It will acknowledge our huge capabilities and expertise in emerging tech, food security, energy transition and security, circular economy, First Nation knowledge, and more.”

Building the state’s science and technology capability for the next decade is considered essential for the future. It will help diversify and decarbonise the WA economy, create exciting jobs, and contribute to solving many of the problems facing our communities and the world.

Consultation with Stakeholders for an Inclusive Plan

The plan will involve broad consultation with stakeholders, including industry, research institutions, Aboriginal groups, government agencies, and universities. The goal is to establish an inclusive and impactful plan by early 2024.

Register your Interest in Being Involved

To register your interest in being involved in the development of Western Australia’s 10-Year Science and Technology Plan, please email


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