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20 years later, Memphis Academy of Science and Engineering!

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) – The new school year is underway for thousands of students in Memphis and Shelby County.

One local charter school in the Medical District is celebrating 20 years as the first charter school in the Volunteer State!

MASE Charter School Overcomes Water Damage and Begins New School Year

Back in December, the Memphis Academy of Science and Engineering (MASE) faced extensive damage due to an ice storm.

Despite the challenges, students and staff were able to complete the school year in alternative spaces within the building.

As the new school year begins, MASE has relocated to the historic Northwest Prep Academy building on Poplar Avenue, just a short distance away.

A Smooth Transition and Growing Student Population

MASE Executive Director Rodrick Gaston praised the collaborative effort of the entire MASE community, including parents and students, to ensure a seamless transition.

During a tour of their new facility, Gaston highlighted the capacity to serve up to 800 students ranging from middle school to high school.

MASE Middle School Director Danielle Powell expressed pride in the school’s focus on STEM curriculum and partnerships with STEM companies, which have been instrumental in their success over the past two decades.

MASE’s Impact on STEM Education

Powell emphasized the school’s commitment to preparing students for future career opportunities in both the workforce and college.

MASE’s early adoption of STEM education has positioned them as a leader in a field that is now in high demand.

The partnership between MASE and Memphis-Shelby County Schools has allowed the school to lease the Northwest Prep building.

A Focus on the Future and Student Recruitment

Looking ahead, Gaston highlighted the importance of STEM education in preparing students for the workforce and the school’s role in meeting this need.

Additionally, MASE is actively working to attract more students and expand its impact.

To learn more about MASE and its programs, visit their official website.

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